Many businesses are under the impression that most international companies speak English. They do not! In fact, many global business managers don’t speak English and don’t think they need to. Although English is one of the most important languages on the Internet, addressing the rest of the users gives your business a better chance.
Below are some of the benefits of translating your company’s marketing collateral, ads, website, plus more:
  • ·        Help international customers find you on search engines and referring websites, in their native language.
  • ·        Help global audiences understand your product and offering.
  • ·        Help clients share and recommend your brand and collateral with their colleagues and friends.
  • ·        Help customers to contact you.

·        If you’re an e-commerce – help you convert global businesses into customers.
·        Spreading your SEO efforts into other languages is cheaper, since there’s less competition on keywords.


If you’re not translating your marketing collateral and targeting a global audience, you are turning away that many potential clients. The time is now to market your company to the international audiences. Businesses who make the jump into multicultural marketing now will reap the biggest benefits in the future. Many businesses think they can’t afford translation, but of course they can’t afford not to localize their marketing collateral! Contact our translation agency for a free marketing collateral translation quote today!