Globalization has done much in the way of opening up new markets to growing businesses, leaving few areas unattainable from the reach of savvy promotion and continued development. Though the opportunities for growth are nearly limitless in today’s modern world where so many people are tapped in, the challenge of competition is especially fierce. Competing in current international markets takes a consistent effort towards hard work, ingenuity, and perseverance. Many of the qualities that businesses require to stand out from the pack can be related to the athletes of the Olympic Games who push themselves to the limit to come out on top. Let’s take a look at some of the ways an Olympic athlete’s push toward gaining an edge can inspire the same in the business world:

To truly compete in international markets, it’s imperative to know what you’re up against. Answering a few questions beforehand can help gain valuable insights before diving into the international scenes, such as:

  • Who is your competition?
  • Where do their strengths and weaknesses lie?
  • What makes them successful and where is there a need for improvement?
  • Can you fill the void where they fall short?

Just as an Olympic athlete with the goal for gold has to know where he or she stands in relation to their fiercest competitors, so must any business know who they’re up against in the international market scene.


A fast-paced world with a short attention span requires businesses that can stay on their toes if they want to keep their product and services at the forefront of peoples’ minds. Olympians are always pushing themselves to the next level by setting and achieving goals, which allow them to incrementally exceed personal limits. Even if the improvement is small, it’s the effort towards constantly growing and adapting that keeps the athlete moving towards their ultimate goal of gold. Businesses should apply this same mentality and approach to incrementally improve their product or service offering and improve their rank in the international market scene. subh_3

It’s easy to have a dream. The world is full of them. To make a dream a reality requires  daily effort,  determination, adapting and re-adapting, accepting mistakes and learning from them, and persistence to keep pushing forward. Competition is stiff for Olympic athletes and each and every one of them has dreams of gold. The business world is no different. Holding that top position in any industry only happens to a select few companies and comes to those who keep on keeping on and who don’t give up when the first disappointment knocks them down.

There are many tips to take from watching the Olympians compete with others from around the world that apply to both business and life in general. Start by acknowledging the competition, not staying stagnant in the marketplace, and adopting consistent ambition and determination to improving your company’s product or service offering in the marketplace.