8 Ways to Improve your Business Strategy

(translation could be your secret weapon)

1. Access New Markets

In many ways, the global market remains untapped. As technology and innovation spreads through the world, more and more foreign markets are becoming available online. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle to compete within an SEO saturated, English marketplace. Grow your business with enterprise translation solutions.

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According to Internet World Stats, English has the most internet users with 952 million. Most people look at this one statistic and ignore other vital language trends. For instance, Chinese speakers make up 763 million internet users… which is a 2,262% increase from the year 2000! Yet only 3% of all content on the internet is written in Chinese. Another major developing language market is Arabic, with 173 million internet users. That’s a 6,805% increase since 2000.

2. Low Cost

Now, you may think that translation services aren’t within your budget. However, translation agencies like inWhatLanguage provide an enterprise-wide platform that allows all departments to leverage translation memories for all content types. We also don’t charge for translation memory or repeat words, which can save you 5-40%.

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Ever heard the phrase, you have to spend money to make money? We can minimize the cost and offer a wide range of translation services to choose from to maximize your investment.

Translation into key languages will be a high-value investment for your business. You’ll be able to get ahead of the competition and expand into these growing markets.

3. Trusted Relationships

Accurate and consistent translations will allow you to connect with your audience. However, low-quality translations will instantly make you lose credibility with foreign natives. Don’t risk a bad translation that could damage your brand image.

And just in case you’re thinking about taking translation shortcuts… don’t. Google Translate and other low-quality machine translations could lead to major problems.

In 2009, HSBC bank had to launch a $10 million rebranding campaign to repair damages from a minor mistranslation. Their catchphrase “Assume Nothing” was mistranslated as “Do Nothing” in several countries. Still want to use Google?

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4. Organized Process

We have a centralized platform to allow all project collaborators to work together in harmony. You can view the real-time status of any project and use the client review feature to ensure you are always satisfied with the end result.

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When translation memory is placed in a central location, all users see the same version of the content and work together to ensure accuracy and consistency for the client.

The automated and centralized system means that no one has to manage the translation memory, which means we avoid human error.

5. Growth

Get the translation customization you need through using our pre-built integrations or connecting your technology stack to our API. Wherever you are as a business, we can work and grow with you as you add more languages and content types.

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You can centralize your brand voice across your entire organization using our UNIFY technology platform.

Be more consistent and save money on future translations by leveraging translation memory, implementing multilingual glossaries and using style guides.

Get the translation customization you need through using our pre-built integrations or connecting your technology stack to our API.

6. Fast Results

Our automated system cuts out 60 to 70 percent of the typical, time-consuming manual translation process to guarantee faster turnaround times. A faster translation means you can see faster results as you disperse content to a global audience.

7. Maximized Productivity

You can maximize productivity by using our innovative UNIFY technology. Our platform easily accepts over 60 file types–including media and technical files–and we can translate your content into over 200 languages.

8. Impact

Thanks to the support of our many valued customers, we’re able to provide free–or highly discounted–translation services to partner organizations focused on enhancing K-12 education and serving disaster-affected communities around the globe.