Post by: Sammy DeWitt

When it comes to maximizing your business’ potential global markets, translation management systems, like Unify, can greatly cut your costs while improving the quality of your translations. Here’s seven ways that translation management systems can assist your business’s next global project:


Translation management systems provide technology that allows all of your departments and translators to work on the same project, at the same time, anywhere in the world. This type of real-time collaboration allows for greater ease of communication between translators to make your content more accurate and ready to go global faster.


Using a translation management system allows you to leverage translations from previous projects for all future ones. This means that for future projects, by utilizing previous translations, you don’t have to pay for content that has already been translated while also saving your translators time. Translation management systems give you more time to focus on your business growth strategy and less time worrying about translations.


You’ve already gone through the process of branding your business. Translation management system makes the transition of retaining your brand in global markets seamless. This type of management software retains your previous translations to create consistent messages to your clients. So whether you want to say pants, trousers, or slacks your translations will always stay the same. In addition, real-time collaboration between translators and departments ensures that your brand’s message never gets lost in translation.


Originally, in order to translate projects, files were exchanged between departments and translators using platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or even email. However, this quickly became messy with different files of translation versions being sent back and forth. Translation management systems allow all of your departments and translators to collaborate on projects to reduce chance of miscommunication. Using a cloud-based storage system like Unify means that you don’t have to worry about messy file management or losing track of files.


Unlike typical translation projects, translation management systems integrate with your content automatically. This means the typical steps such as: verifying content to be translated, getting a hold of your translators, and notifying reviewers are all automated which speeds up the translation process and reduces chances of miscommunication.


Unify, created by inWhatLanguage, is a translation management software that allows your business to set the pace of your project. You’re in control. From picking in-house or out-of-house translators to setting the deadlines, management systems simplify the process. Translation management softwares provide workbenches so it’s easy to manage and turn your project proposals to approvals.


With translation management software, you set the deadlines and a workflow that fits your business. Real-time collaboration allows for all of your departments and translators to work together to get your content to global audiences quickly and precisely. On top of it all, automation found in management system software also speeds up the translation and localization process which means your company’s growth and translations can expand globally together.

No matter what size or deadline you need to meet, translation management software simplifies the process. Management systems are purposed to bring your translators and teams together to collaborate and produce the highest quality translated and localized content possible. By leveraging this type of cloud-technology not only do businesses cuts costs, but they can feel confident that their final product can take them global.