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CEO and Founder of inWhatLanguage, Cody Broderick, was awarded the first place prize of $15,000 in the World Trade Center Utah Export Acceleration Grant Pitch Competition. The pitch event took place on January 24, 2018.
A panel of four judges awarded inWhatLanguage, a leader in translation and localization services, the coveted first-place prize based on relevance, creativity, persuasiveness, and potential for success.
Competing businesses were given eight minutes to pitch their respective business growth strategies and detail how they would utilize the grant funding to accelerate their international business efforts.

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“Being surrounded by so many other respected global organizations presenting in this competition was an incredible honor,” said Cody Broderick, CEO and founder of inWhatLanguage. “I’m thankful for the opportunity to utilize this grant as we expand into new language markets, including the Middle East, Africa and Asia.”
Funds from the Utah Export Acceleration Grant must be used to pay for services and activities that will help companies engage in increased exports and expand their international reach, according to the World Trade Center Utah website.
“We will use the international expansion funds for additional market analysis, trade missions, travel, marketing, and legal work to help us enter and grow our international services,” Broderick said. “Our mission is to break down language and cultural barriers and take big steps in 2018 to unify people from around the world through innovative translation solutions.
inWhatLanguage is a rapidly expanding language services company with headquarters in Utah. One of the differentiators for the translation and localization service provider is their proprietary technology platform that simplifies translation management, for faster turnaround times and increased quality of project delivery. inWhatLanguage utilizes a network of professional linguists from all over the world for accurate and consistent translations, providing services in more than 200 languages.
JPMorgan Chase sponsored the competition and grant program and it was held in conjunction with the Sorenson Impact Center’s Winter Innovation Summit at the University of Utah.

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