There’s no better way to get to know the world than through food! These snacks from all over the world are a bit wild. Which one do you want to try? Here is a list of 19 weird snacks from around the world. Don’t forget to share it!

1. Garlic Chocolate: Japan

Japanese Garlic Chocalate

This Japanese snack definitely does not lack in flavor! The mix of savory and sweet has a pungent kick. Would you be willing to give it a shot?

2. Hákarl: Iceland

Hákarl Iceland

This Icelandic snack has quite the bite. Bits of shark meat is hung and fermented for five months when it is then served cubed and on toothpicks. Definitely not for the faint of heart…or stomach!

3. Lemon and Pepper Tang: Pakistan

lemon pepper tang

Do you think this Tang is super spicy?

4. Phool Makhana (Popped Lotus Seeds): East Asia


This popcorn-like snack is popular in Indian cooking and is believed to have many health benefits.

5. Octopus Flavored Chips: South Korea

Octopus Flavored Chips South Korea

A great way to eat octopus…without the tentacles!

6. Preserved Duck Eggs: China

Preserved Duck Eggs

If you don’t mind eating rotten food, this Chinese snack is perfect for you.

7. Guinea Pig: Peru

Guinea Pig

You’ve probably never seen a guinea pig like this before.

8. Dried Wild Fish: Russia

Dried Wild Fish Russia

If you’re a fan of seafood, you might be a fan of this salty Russian snack!

9. Jing Leed (Grasshoppers): Thailand

Jing Leed (Grasshoppers)

This snack is a bit on the creepy-crawly side of things!

10. Pizza-ghetti Slushee: Quebec

Pizza ghetti Slushee Quebec

If you’ve ever wanted to try pizza or spaghetti in frozen form, here’s your chance. This chilly treat is served up in Quebec, Canada. Who knew you could drink pizza through a straw?

11. Iwashi Senbei (Baked Sardines): Japan

Iwashi Senbei

You may have had sardines on pizza before, but have you ever had it as a baked chip-like snack?

12. Basashi Ice (Horse Ice Cream): Japan

Basashi Ice

This snack takes eating horse meat to a whole new level.

13. Bamboo Worms: Thailand


Would you ever eat dried worms?

14. Fish and Chips Gelato: Australia

If you’ve ever wondered what fish and chips would taste frozen, (which you probably haven’t) here’s your chance. This unique snack, fish and chip gelato, is native to Australia. Yummy?

15. Falafel Bissli: Israel

Falafel Bissli

Don’t have time for a traditional falafel meal? No worries, there’s a chip for that.

16. Starfish: China

Dried Starfish China

These under-the-sea snacks have a bit of crunch. Would you be willing to try dried starfish?

17. Yogurt and Mint Doritos: Turkey

Yogurt and Mint Doritos

If you don’t mind mint yogurt, you might like this Turkish flavor of Doritos.

18. Placenta Drinks: Japan

Placenta Drinks

Purported to have huge health benefits, this drink is made of the placenta of various animals.

19. Clamato Tortilla Chips: Canada

Clamato Tortilla Chips

In case you’ve ever wondered what tomatoes and clams would taste like together, there’s a chip for you. Do you think it tastes authentic?

We hope you enjoyed our list of weird snacks from around the world. Don’t forget to share it!

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