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The Utah Innovation Award is Utah’s premier innovation award that recognizes the best innovators in the state. No matter what size a company is, great innovation is celebrated and acknowledged by the award. The nominees of the award go through a strict process of evaluation by leaders in the business, civic, and academic communities.
inWhatLangauge and their UNIFY platform was recently a candidate for the 2018 Utah Innovation Award. They were competing in the enterprise technology category and were among the top 3 finalists. They attended the award ceremony in Salt Lake City to get recognized and to celebrate innovation in the state of Utah.

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UNIFY is a translation technology designed to save time and money for enterprise companies that operate in global markets. inWhatLanguage specializes in global brand management and uses a combination of in-country human linguists and the UNIFY platform to deliver branded content to any part of the world. As you can imagine, there is a lot of global opportunities for businesses of all kinds to take advantage of. The problem is that expanding into other countries requires some degree of localization for the brands, products, and services that want to be sold. inWhatLangauge has built UNIFY to help bridge that gap and bring localized brands to new global markets.
UNIFY features include local glossaries, machine learning, centralized translation memory, and automated media among other features that help increase translation consistency, lower costs and improve turnaround time.
Learn more about UNIFY and inWhatLanguage by visiting www.inwhatlanguage.com/translation-technology/unify/