If inwhatlanguage were an actual person, this past week he/she would have worn a silly grin on his/her face for the past few days. We have received the best gift a translation agency can get: the recognition from our clients. And this time, in tangible form: a video.
Mona Vie is a global leader in premium nutrition products – it is a huge company that provides services to millions of people around the world. Not only that: it is also one of inwhatlanguage’s translation services’ clients. Even more so: it is one satisfied customer. And we couldn’t be happier to actually hear it from the mouth of its International Communications Writer, Mindy Eardley.
“What you can expect with inwhatlanguage are consistent results: if you send something out, you’ll know when you’re getting it back” says Mindy. “If there are any delays, or any impediments whatsoever, you’ll find out what they are, and what to expect.”
Apparently tired of working with other agencies that lacked in reliability, Mindy insists on the importance of personal contact with the translation agency. Which suits us fine: we love to establish a connection with our clients. Translation is all about communication, after all. It makes little sense to translate a text based exclusively on a dictionary and the translator’s judgment: the document is for the client, therefore the client must dictate the guidelines. And if the client is happy, we are happy. We have provided a good service. We’ve done a good job.
“With inwhatlanguage, I feel that their success is built on our success, and that we are a team”, Mindy adds. “They get to know me, they get to know what I’m about, my business and what my company is about and what drives our success. That makes me feel that they are really invested in me and my business.”
Well, isn’t the relationship between a client and a translation agency reciprocal? We don’t earn anything by doing a choppy job on a translation: the client will complain, and potential future customers will think twice about asking for our translation services. But above all that, there is an emotional component that really defines us as a company: we like to do things right. And we feel great hearing our clients say nice things about us!
“They’ll do what they can to make you shine.”
Yes, we will. Be it legal translation services, interpretation services, website translation services or multimedia translation services, we are sure to go into it wholeheartedly and do a first-rate job in the time allotted. And casting aside the matter of the prices –which are, by the way, the best out there for high quality translation-, the best reward is, without a doubt, messages like this one, and new request for further collaboration.
Thank you, Mona Vie!