Happy Valentine’s Day!! Today, on this beautiful 14th of February, the world once again celebrates Saint Valentine’s Day, the day on which couples form and love is confessed, when lovers remind each other of their feelings by means of gifts… Or words. Words that can be spoken in so many languages, but yet convey one same meaning. The language of love is universal. Saint Valentine’s Day has arguably turned into a commercial phenomenon ever since Esther Howland, the woman who produced the first commercial American valentines in the 1840s, sold $5,000 in cards during her first year of business, according to the information published in this article, on the website howstuffworks.com. “The valentine industry in the United States has been booming ever since. Today, over 1 billion valentine cards are sent in this country each year — second in number only to Christmas cards, according to the Greeting Card Association.” However, the most important thing on this day is not how much you spend, but how well you express what you need to say. And as this day’s celebrations spread throughout the rest of the world, terms of endearment are being whispered in millions of ears, in hundreds of different languages, dialects and accents.For inwhatlanguage, the main object of our love is language itself, and of course the people who work with it -our linguists-, and the clients that allow us to do what we love: translate and interpret, and help people communicate easily wherever they are, whenever they need to do it. Because no language barrier should ever stop a person from telling another that s/he loves him/her. And because we would be delighted to help you do that. However, for those who still need some inspiration to express their feelings, here are some quotes from famous authors to get you started: