iwl’s CEO, Cody Broderick
As a translation agency, inwhatlanguage is definitely one of the best options out there: we deliver fast, reliable translation services in more than a hundred different languages with localized and specialized vocabulary thanks to our worldwide network of linguists. That in itself is pretty remarkable, but iwl is much more than that.
Our customers soon find out that what really makes us different is the fact that we are a team that firmly believes in what we do, that enjoys improving our skills every day, and that has a lot of fun doing what we love. And later on, they also discover something even more amazing: our true goal beyond all that. “I want the company to grow every year, and as we grow in scale, I want to use the company as a vehicle for philanthropy, for creating a positive impact in other people’s lives,” explains iwl CEO, Cody Broderick.
The young CEO likes to call it “the ripple effect”: when a drop falls on a lake’s surface, it produces a ripple that starts small and then keeps expanding. “I want to create a massive ripple everywhere around the world, starting with short-term goal and moving on to long-term successes. It’s a really big vision, but Rome wasn’t built in one day.”
One would think that, in order to make Broderick’s vision come true, the company must have a clockwork like structure and a list of everyday goals that get checked off as the day goes by. And here is the magic of iwl and its team: while perfectly structured and with very well defined goals, the staff still has time to have fun and enjoy their profession.
You want proof? Well, check these out…
Warning!! Warning!! Behold! The inwhatlanguage offices
have turned into a battlefield!
For a working environment, no one can deny that this looks like a lot of fun. And this can only happen in a place where the employees feel valued and satisfied. 
“Each team member knows that their role is really important. When you go to a company that has thousands of employees, what you do feels minimal- it doesn’t look like you are making an impact at all,” explains Broderick.
Take cover, for the attack of the Nerf
guns is imminent! 😀
“But when you come to a family-oriented business that believes in its people and that clearly communicates that every single video message, phone call, email, blog or social media post or newsletter is dramatically important, the employees feel recognized – because they are. They are a vital part of the business.”


“In other words, we just love what we do. It’s so much fun!” concludes Broderick with a smile.