[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There are hundreds of languages spoken in the world today and thus a need for translation both on a personal and businesses level. With advancements in technology over the last several years, there are different options available to get your translation completed, including machine translation, which is a translation from a computer software and also human translation. Though there are benefits that can be derived from machine translation, there are also many benefits that can’t be achieved unless you work with a human translator. This article will outline the benefits that can be derived for you and your business only by working with a human translator. 

Better Quality Translation

If you hire a qualified translator, such as hiring a professional translation firm, then you can expect to get a much better quality translation, when compared to machine translation. This is because machine translation lacks much of the context to which the language is being spoken and thus to which the translation needs to occur. It is very important when translating for your business needs to have the highest quality translation possible. This can only come from a human translator that can understand the context to which the language is being and thus the context in which the translation needs to occur.

Expertise of Language

In most languages, words can have several different meanings. Without expert knowledge of both languages, it can be difficult to know the correct translation for the context. This is most often where machine translation fails. Working with a human translator can overcome this hurdle, so long as the translator is truly an expert. Also, even though one translator may be a subject matter expert in one field, they may not necessarily have expert knowledge in another, thus it is usually best to work with a team of experts. This can be accomplished by hiring a professional translation firm.


Language is an art that is mastered after thousands of hours of exposure and practice. Though machine translation can often translate the meaning of the subject matter at hand, it will most likely lack the creativity that is used in language. Human translators with expertise in both languages will be able to understand the detailed intricacies of the languages and thus will be able to keep the creative structure and content during the translation between languages.

Sensitivity to Culture

Each culture has different values and norms that it follows. These values and norms are woven into the language of the culture. When translating your business content from one language to another, it is very important to be sensitive to these different cultural norms and values. Without truly understanding the culture of the people who speak that language, it becomes very easy to offend them when interacting with them. Sending an offensive message to the people of a different culture with whom you are trying to do business can have very negative effects on your business. For this reason it is important to work with someone who can be sensitive to these different cultural norms and values. Though an individual translator may have knowledge of cultural norms and values, working with a professional translation firm that has years of experience dealing with these types situations will often help you avoid risk to your business and its goals.


Working with a qualified translator will not only get you the best quality translation, but also a detailed expertise of both languages, creativity in the language and sensitivity to the cultural norms and values of the people who speak the language which you are having translated. This will allow you avoid risk when translating for business purposes and thus a better chance of accomplishing your business goals.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]