This week, inWhatLanguage got another nice surprise from a very special client of ours! Another video testimonial, this time from TechLaw Ventures, “a professional limited liability company created by its founders to be a venture and technology law firm”, as described in its official website.


TechLaw Ventures provides “legal counsel to software, computer, biotech, healthcare, chemical, and other technology and innovative companies”, and they are actively working with clients in Taiwan and Japan.
That is where inwhatlanguage comes into play.
I won’t write much more, since I think that, in this case, the video in itself is more than enough content for this week’s blog post. It is incredibly sweet, and we feel proud to have clients say these things about us. But I’ll just point out a couple of things, really quickly.
First of all, the fact that TechLawVentures trusts us to do their translations says a lot. We are talking about a technology law firm, here. They need very, very specific translation services for which they probably wouldn’t risk going to just anyone for. It is amazing that they’ve asked us to do it – let alone the fact that they actually produced a video to let others know that we are indeed what we promise to be: a trust-worthy, competent translation agency that is there for their every need.
Secondly, I just love how Mr. Smith, spokesperson for TechLaw Ventures, highlights our selection process in the video. What he says about having read many different translated versions of one text made by different linguists in order to make a decision about which professional is best suited for his projects is kind of our trademark. Because, even though we trust and love all of our linguists, it is the client, at the end of the day, the one who really knows how they want their work to be displayed to the world, and who could get closer to that ideal. The fact that our clients recognize that, and choose us for it, really means the world to us.
And lastly, just one more thing…
Thank you, TechLaw Ventures!