inwhatlanguage announces rebranding and launch of new website and translation management software (tms) designed to help enterprise companies manage international expansion

inwhatlanguage is pleased to announce the Launch of the New Website, Redesigned to Serve Clients Better and Incorporate Unify™ a Translation Management Software (TMS) Which Puts Clients in Control of Multilingual Content Across Departments and Countries

Salt Lake City, Utah, February 29, 2016 – inwhatlanguage, known for high-quality accurate translations, is pleased to announce the launch of the new website, redesigned and rebranded to serve clients more powerfully than ever before with full translation services for any language, in any format, and in real time. Their Unify™ translation management software (TMS) or translation platform has been in development for over 2 years and is ready for client use. Unify™ gives clients the tools to manage international content between departments, linguists, and even other translation vendors in real time and in the cloud. Founded by Cody Broderick, CEO, and David Kasteler, CMO, the inwhatlanguage team has over 35 years in the translation industry and understands the importance of technology to help drive businesses globally. inwhatlanguage promises clients an exceptional combination of technology, expertise, and value in a vast array of global translation services paired with Unify™.

The rebranding and redesign of the website promises easier access for clients to find the ideal translation services to help drive their organizations forward internationally. The rebranding features a new color scheme of blues and greens and a new logo with a technology driven approach – making it the perfect vehicle for the Unify™ Translation Management Software (TMS). inwhatlanguage offers full translation services and Unify™ is a stand-alone SAAS model for organizations, linguists and even other translation companies. Unify™ allows organizations to collaborate with vendors, linguists, and different departments internationally in real-time saving time and money in the translation process.

The new website offers increased functionality at the enterprise level and delivers an increased focus on targeting and the role of clients, as well as technology and the necessity of integrated translation across departments within an organization. Now at clients can easily select the area of expertise they require including: translation for E-Learning localization and translation for any course of any size, Software Localization for all formats and platforms, Website Translation to reach target audiences regardless of the language they speak, Desktop Publishing featuring 100 percent adaptation of content and format, Document Translation in 180 languages, Video and Voiceover Dubbing featuring professional voice talent and video integration, Mobile Apps tailored to go international, and 24/7 phone and interpretation on virtually any media type using our call center.

“The rebranding of the logo was a joint effort among our team and we are very excited about it. The logo represents a step forward towards technology. The colors are bright and beautiful and give the impression of energy and excitement, which is part of our company culture and who we are. Releasing Unify™ to the public is very exciting as client’s worldwide need a better translation collaboration and management tool based in the cloud.” David Kasteler, CMO

Visit inwhatlanguage today at the new rebranded, redesigned Uncover how their team can help you speed up your global growth and how you can better manage multilingual content across departments, linguists, and vendors using Unify.

About inwhatlanguage

inwhatlanguage is an innovative language technology company that helps organizations succeed and engage global communities by allowing them to create, control and manage all of their enterprise-wide content through a proprietary cloud-based translation management platform, Unify. The executive management team has over 35 years experience in the translation industry and are passionate about helping companies move their organizations forward and access global markets and cultures.

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