Meet Maurice van Zutphen!
Maurice was born in the Netherlands, where he spent his early childhood years. Later on, he moved with his family to Belgium (the French-speaking part), to nestle in the beautiful and historic Ardennes. As a bilingual native speaker, languages are deeply rooted in his persona.
After graduating high school, Maurice went on an adventure as an exchange student to the United States and spent time… In rural Utah, of all places! His experience was such that he would return to the United States to pursue his college education at Utah State University, pursuing and excelling in Business Management.
In 1993, during his early college days, he officially initiated his career in localization and globalization starting out as a freelance translator, translating technical fitness equipment user manuals for the world’s largest fitness equipment manufacturer. He progressed and was retained to consult on the European market requirements, cultural integration and language quality. He was also given the task to develop and establish an internal translation department responsible for vetting talent, coordinating foreign product production requirements and producing the necessary appropriate localized product literature.
After college graduation, Maurice was recruited by a localization and globalization firm in Salt Lake City to function as project manager for large Fortune 500 companies. With hard work and his natural ability in languages, he quickly ascended to Senior Account Manager, coaching a team of project managers with a multi-million dollar portfolio.
In 2001, Maurice transitioned to erect and operate his own successful company, pursuing another of his passions, photography. His managed projects and operations background served him well and sold his equity after seven years of hard and dedicated work.
But Maurice is not a person who sits still, and could not turn his back on his language heritage. While being an entrepreneur he also put his expertise to work in the government sector. He fulfilled responsibilities in project management and linguistics providing support to government agencies.
Maurice and his family in late 2013.
Maurice crossed paths with inwhatlanguageand built a relationship with Cody Broderick and his great staff.  All sides shared a passion and dedication for languages, as well as the desire to help companies with their localization and internationalization needs. Maurice started consulting with iwl in project management best practices and evaluating operational processes. This role evolved into joining now the organization full-time directing our project management efforts and effective operations. 
Maurice is thrilled to be able to put his 20 years of experience to serve our clients and contribute to iwl‘s global vision!
Maurice is very fortunate to have by his side Sharon, his wife for over two decades. Together they have three children.
When not working, Maurice loves the outdoors by competing in marathon races. He also enjoys the beauties of Utah, avidly exploring Utah’s five National Parks.
iwl is simply overjoyed to have such a talented new member in our little family!!