Machines can do amazing things, but they can’t do everything. One thing they don’t do so well? Communicate. Frankly, if your computer were a person, with those communication skills, he’d be on his third wife by now. So why would people trust a computer-generated translation with important personal and business translation projects? There is a time and place for automated translations, but for large and important translation projects, you need a real human translator with subject-matter expertise and cultural interpretation.
Automated Translation Tools: Fast & Free, but Sloppy
Automated translation tools, like the one we have on our site, are fine for small or unimportant translations. Their algorithms are simple and basically provide a one-for-one, literal word translation. If you just need to know how to say a single phrase or sentence, these tools are great. If you just want to get the general idea of a passage, online translation tools work great. However, if you’re translating with the intent of communicating clearly and seamlessly across languages, these tools just don’t get it done.
Real, Human Translation: Precise and Nuanced
Online translation tools frequently can’t handle nuanced communication techniques, including idiomatic expressions, irony, and cultural references. For those, you need a live, human translator, like those we use at inwhatlanguage. A skilled human translator brings in a true, native mastery of the translating language, as well as the kind of cultural immersion and understanding that a translation application can never have. That means that live translation by humans can be done within the context of the subject matter and the culture of the intended audience.
Automatic Translation vs. Live Translation — Who Wins?
In the end, it all comes down to what it is you’re looking for. If you just need to translate a few words or sentences and the quality of the translation isn’t a big deal, an automated online translation will work just fine. If you want to translate something in a way that reflects the work that went into creating the original, you should opt for a live, human translation. The good news is that while live translation isn’t free, it’s still surprisingly affordable and fast. At inwhatlanguage we’ve earned a reputation for providing high-quality translation at affordable rates. Give us a try today, and see the difference a human translation can make!