The translation industry is a competitive world, and we know that better than anyone. As much as we want to provide our clients and potential customers with high-quality translation and interpretation services at the best prices, we know that there are millions of capable professionals out there who can also do a good job and appeal to those whom we are trying to reach.
Ty Palmer and Cody Broderick at DevLearn!
The more reason to keep improving ourselves.
The best thing about inwhatlanguage may be our youth – that means, our energy, and our will to learn new things. We know that we are living in a time where written translations are quickly losing importance in favor of new media, and we are more than willing to be part of this revolution.  eLearning, in particular, is becoming one of our main focuses, as it grows daily in popularity, and its potential for translation is, well, immense!
And so, it should come to no surprise that inwhatlanguage took grasp of the amazing opportunity of being present at the DevLearn Conference 2013, the most cutting-edge training and learning event in North America, that took place last month in Las Vegas.
In the very own words of the event’s official website, “DevLearn 2013 is for training and learning professionals who are leading or engaged in their organizations’ use of learning technologies.” Who should go to Dev Learn? Those who want to “find out what’s next in the world of learning, discover new technologies and approaches and learn side-by-side with colleagues and experts.” No wonder iwl fit like a glove in there!
iwl CEO Cody Broderick leaves little room for doubt when asked what his opinion of the experience was. “DevLearn was fabulous! It was great to be surrounded by the leading creators and providers in the eLearning and training development industry.”
iwl’s booth at the conference was a cozy, well-lit 10×10 space that was quite well received, in Broderick’s words. “Our presence was definitely felt at the conference. We had countless people complimenting the professionalism of our team and the look of our booth.”
Well, you know what they say, right? Nothing like a good first impression to keep the people coming! The iwl team’s  efforts didn’t go to waste, at the end of the day. “We spoke to hundreds of people and walked away with many valuable new relationships,” says Broderick. “And even better, many new projects!”
Now if that isn’t killing two birds with one stone, what is? Three, actually: the opportunity to learn about an interesting topic, a wonderful experience and atmosphere, and new contacts and projects. Really, iwl hit the jackpot in Las Vegas last October!
“Overall, it was a success, and inwhatlanguage will definitely be expanding as a leading provider of expert level translation services for all developers and service providers in this industry,” Cody Broderick assures with a smile.