What do Hewlett Packard, Apple and IBM have in common?
Yes, they all are gigantic multinational information technology corporations. Yes, they develop cutting-edge IT solutions, as well as hardware and software for all kinds of users. And yes, they are among the most successful and rapid-growing companies in modern history.
What if we added Motorola to the mix? And Sandisk and Cisco?
We could still be talking about successful IT and hardware companies riding the technology boom and high demand in the modern world, right?
Okay. Throw in The Walt Disney Company. Throw in Lego, and McGraw Hill Education, as well.
Things start to get blurry, here. However, all of these companies rely heavily on the latest software technology to deliver the best possible education and entertainment products for children and adults.
Lastly, add Aecom, the global provider of architecture, design, engineering and construction services; add the health insurance company Humana and the big online and in-store shopping chain Sears.
All of these companies have something in common, other than being big and successful. Can’t see the link?
It’s us – inwhatlanguage!
Despite being young, we have managed to attract some of the biggest companies in the world with our translation services thanks to the unique “iwl experience”, which encompasses not only high-quality translation at affordable prices, but also extremely fast turnaround times and the best customer service you could ever find. 
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FIFA, Harvard, Montage, Xerox, Aetna… All of them are very different kinds of corporations, but they do share a taste for excellence when it comes to the translation of their precious materials. 
That is why they come to us: with our worldwide network of professional freelance translators, we cover all areas and time zones, and we offer complete translation services that include a careful selection of resources, localization services, proofreading, desktop publishing, voiceover and video editing, if necessary.


Anything we can do to make your life easier!