Picture — Brian Palmer says hi!
“Time and time again Utah is ranked tops in the nation as a place to do business, including the last three years as Forbes Magazine’s ‘Best State for Business and Careers.’ What makes Utah business so great? It’s the people. And in an age of digital everything, you’ll also discover that nothing beats a good, face-to-face conversation among great people.”
So reads the presentation text for The Great Salt Lake Business Conference that took place last week (May 13th -14th). It is a statement that rings true and very familiar: in the case of inwhatlanguage, a company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, it’s the human capital what makes our translation agency so great and unique. Hence, it is not all that surprising that inwhatlanguage, for the second time, took part in this huge Business and Technology Expo – the first time around was earlier this year in Orem, Utah.
“We had a great location in the Expo and there was a lot of foot traffic,” says iwl Sr. Account Executive Brian Palmer, who was present at the inwhatlanguage stand (as you can see in the picture) in the conference. “We were able to connect with a lot of local businesses and reconnect with a lot of contacts. It was a blast meeting with so many local businesses, small and large. We had a lot of really good discussions and we were able spread some inwhatlanguage cheer throughout the Expo,” he says with a smile.
Not only was The Great Salt Lake Business Conference an amazing place to meet tons of interesting people from different companies, but also the perfect opportunity to get some exceedingly useful pointers for our very own agency. The Expo was partly focused on new technologies such as software Apps, and that is an especially meaningful area for iwl to explore right now.
Our firm can translate all forms of multimedia, whether it’s a web conference presentation, a global training video, or an interactive Flash demo for any website, and mobile Apps are a field we are currently working particularly hard in. Apps are the present and the future, and there is an undeniable demand for them in all languages all over the world with specific localization and technical know-how requirements.
Our translation team understands the importance of providing leading experts in all file types and technologies who can consistently recreate and adapt your multimedia translation project for any language and/or international market. No matter the format, no matter the subject matter, no matter the linguistic or cultural targets, inwhatlanguagewill translate and localize your multimedia content with unparalleled speed and accuracy.


And in order to keep up the quality of our services, iwl will continue to attend conferences and expos like The Great Salt Lake Business Conference – not only to learn from the experts, but also… Because it’s a lot of fun!