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The eyes of the whole world are set on Brazil, since the soccer World Cup has finally started!
For inwhatlanguage, Brazil is not just one of the most beautiful countries in the world – it also holds important ties to our translation agency, both personal and business-related. Some months ago, iwl CEO Cody Broderick had the chance to go there on a trade mission with the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development to promote Utah, along with approximately 30 other people from different industries of the state. This helped Broderick develop some very interesting new business relations and discover a world of opportunities.
We also are proud to offer top-quality Portuguese translation services, highly localized and for very affordable prices, and best of all, with all the perks that come from working with a family-structured company like ours.
But that is not all: the World Cup is also a very special occasion for iwl! As we have informed you some months back, one of our most important clients is… FIFA, the international governing body of association football(soccer), futsal and beach soccer!  It feels like yesterday, but it was in fact last Autumn when we started translating its materials into 10+ languages in preparation for the upcoming World Cup. Now, the big championship is here, and we cannot help but feel proud. We contributed to its communication campaigns by making them comprehensible for the whole world!
Once again, our dear iwl linguist demonstrated their talent and translating skills as they gave their all to a project that was not only overwhelming in size, but also in content. Football, or soccer, is not only a sport: it is a whole world of its own, and it has a very specific “dialect” in each and every one of the languages our linguist had to work with. Football terminology is no walk in the park, and in order to do it right, each linguist had to have a heavy base of knowledge –which doesn’t mean that they didn’t learn anything new on the way! Just to illustrate what I’m trying to say, here is an actual Glossary ofFootball Words and Expressions taken from


But now we are finally reaping the rewards. All that effort was worth it, and now we can all enjoy the emotion of the games with the satisfaction of having been part of it by doing what we love and do best: translation.