The Sunnylands state. (Photo:
Sunnylands, the former Annenberg Estate, located in Rancho Mirage, California, is a 200-acre estate currently run by The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands, a not-for-profit organization and Annenberg family trust. It is a beautiful, historical resort where the world’s most powerful leaders, CEOs and other people from the world’s most powerful and wealthiest families go to spend time together, talk about business, have dinners and other events.
Sunnylands came to us back in 2013 and said that they needed their website translated to simplified Chinese and Latin-American Spanish. They wanted it translated to Chinese because Chinese President Xi Jinping and American President Barack Obama were planning to meet at Sunnylands shortly, and before this big event, they needed their website, as well as many more content pieces translated to Simplified Chinese: marketing materials, information sheets, etcetera.
We worked closely with their development team to get the necessary clearance to translate their content. We needed approval because, essentially, it was practically as if we were translating on behalf of the Obama administration.
US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping
during their meeting at Sunnylands. (Photo:
We translated the website, including information about the history of the relationship between both President Xi and President Obama, their encounters in the past, and all the content of the actual meetings between them, including recaps, overviews and follow-up notes. We worked with different formats as well, such as video and audio files.
From the process standpoint, it was fairly simple: they came to us, and they needed the translations done very quickly. We were selected among five different translation agencies for a simple reason: they needed an extremely accurate translationwith the highest level of quality, befitting to the professionalism and the excellence that their website demands. Because of the quality requirements, we had to test seven linguists before the correct person was approved.
We did it quickly, accurately and within their budget. We actually weren’t the lowest price they were offered, but we were definitely the best overall value for them. We put in extra effort to make sure that the result would be up to their expectations. For instance, we made contact with some of their business acquaintances in China to make sure that the style, the word choices, the context and the general feel and tone of the message on the translated website were accurate and coherent with the additional materials as well.
The Sunnylands estate has hosted events for the most powerful
and influential people in the world. 
They were very happy with us. They held a meeting of great importance between two of the world’s most powerful leaders right now at their location, and we were fortunate enough to be of help to them in this noble endeavor. Now, in their website, if users click on the “Chinese” or “Spanish” links at the top right corner, they will see our work.
It has been one of the most high-profile projects we have ever done, and it has helped us attract many more customers: the second we appear in the Sunnylands website, which is visited daily by millions of people, and no one has anything negative to say about the translation, we gain business, and we gain reputation.


This was definitely a project that we are especially proud of!