Last week, we introduced you to the latest addition to the iwl team: Project Manager Abel Atwater. It was the first of the many changes that we can expect this year at inwhatlanguage: we are growing and aiming high, and that requires movement and a lot of fast development!

That also applies to our website. Yes, it was not that long ago that we completely revamped the website to give it a more user-friendly interface and a cleaner look. But that is not enough: we want to really, REALLY show what we are capable of and to prove to our potential clients that we are their best option when it comes to translation services.
For that, a whole new website structure is in order. A structure that includes, among other things, real case studies based on projects that we have worked on in the past.
In the case of inwhatlanguage, writing case studies hardly need any “creative skills”: we have had such amazing clients and such interesting projects in the past that just describing it all a little bit makes up for quite an impressive portfolio. Some notorious cases are FIFA, Dartmouth or ZAGG, whose feedback you can easily read in our main site any time. But there are definitely many more clients that deserve a special mention.
We have worked with Harvard University, one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. Established in 1636, this private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has centuries of history, as well as an enormous influence over the global business world. And we have been part of its activities in its Business School and Media Department, translating content in 5 different languages.
We have worked with Sunnylands, an estate currently run by the not-for-profit organization The Annenberg Foundation Trust, where the world’s most powerful leaders and CEOs go to spend time together and talk about business. They needed their website translated to Chinese and Spanish. Guess whom they asked for help? Us!
We have also worked with the hotel management company Montage. With some of the best hotel resorts in the world, Montage was definitely a great opportunity for inwhatlanguage –and they actually came to us after recognizing our good work with Sunnylands. They needed their website translated to Asian languages, and we were very excited to work with them!
Last example of amazing companies that we have worked with is Megadyne, an electrosurgical products company was founded in 1985. Megadyne is huge, and definitely a great star mark on iwl’s portfolio – not only due to its size, but also due to the nature of the translation project we worked on with them. They needed marketing material and product information sheets (medical product information sheets, that is) translated to 18 languages.
A real challenge for those who lack experience, but not for inwhatlanguage: medical translation? Bring it on, we say! Our linguists have the subject-matter expertise required to tackle this and any other medical translation project whenever it may be needed.


Stay tuned to read the complete case studies soon!