You won’t find any higher stakes for translation than you find in the medical industry. In some cases, communication between providers and patients can make the difference in the success of a treatment. Intake forms, patient education materials, and patient treatment instructions must be translated accurately. Proper medical translation makes for effective communication, which in turn can be the key to proper treatment and healing.
In Anne Fadiman’s The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, the author recounts a lovely and sad tale of one Hmong family’s attempts to obtain proper medical treatment for their young daughter Lia who suffered from severe epilepsy. Because of both linguistic and cultural barriers, Lia’s parents, first-generation Hmong immigrants in California struggle to understand the treatment hospitals suggest for Lia and the instructions for in-home treatment. As a result, Lia is unable to receive the treatment she desperately needs to improve and preserve her young life.
This wonderful book is a sad tale of what happens when communication between healthcare providers and patients is impeded, as well as the difference that can be made when both parties come to understand each other. Though just one piece of the puzzle posed by interlingual medical relationships, proper and accurate medical translation can make a big difference in helping streamline and optimize medical processes. We’re proud of the work we’ve done to help make healing possible by providing affordable medical translation services to hospitals, doctor’s offices, medical schools, drug companies, and many other clients within medical industries.
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