It seems unbelievable, but the web, that little tool that nowadays we use practically for everything –from looking up word meanings to booking flights, from keeping up with friends to buying extremely rare items- is only 25 years old. As you can read in this articlefrom The Independent, a young computer engineer named Tim Berners-Lee working in a physics lab in Switzerland submitted a paper titled “Information Management: A Proposal” twenty five years ago. In this paper, he introduced to the world for the first time the HTML language and the HTTP Protocol, both of which are the base for anything that we check in our internet browsers.
This week marked the web’s 25th anniversary, and on this occasion, inwhatlanguage took a look back at its own history as well.
iwl is, after all, a young, internet-based company: our incredible versatility and worldwide reach comes from the fact that we use the web to offer our translation services, contact our clients and deliver high quality, affordable translations. This allows us to save on time and logistics costs and adapt to the current trends as fast as the times demand it, thus making us a reliable source for good translations wherever you are, whenever you need them.
Our website has evolved greatly as well, offering not only more services, like interpretation, web translation, transcription or multimedia services, but also a much easier interface and a very attractive design. We have also entered the massive world of Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, a great way to reach millions of people who might be interested in our services. Our communities keep growing every day with lots of awesome new users interested in translation, languages and current related news.
And we don’t plan on stopping there: from now on, we will continue to work harder to be more interactive and to provide our clients with more options to make collaborations even more enjoyable.
After all, our objective hasn’t changed in all of these years: “Building a long-term, growing, sustainable company where people love the culture and we remain a top choice for global organizations based on our value proposition:  low-cost, high quality translations, with fast turnaround times and a commitment to relationship and customer service,” in the words of inwhatlanguage CEO, Cody Broderick.


The web, our dear 25-year-old web, has suit our purposes beautifully up till now. And we are sure that our beautiful journey together will continue for many more years to come. Congratulations!