Have you ever had to get something translated into a different language, either for professional

or personal purposes? If you have, you probably realized there’s a few different ways to go

about getting whatever it is you need translated. First, you could try and go cheap and find

someone you know to do the translation for you. Next, you could hire a freelance translator to

do the work for you. Or lastly, you could hire a professional translation company to do it. But

how do you know which option is the best and which one will save you the most money?

Looking into the details should help you understand the best option and help you save money in

the process.

While asking someone you know who speaks the language you need the translation done in

may appear to save you money in the beginning, in reality it may actually cost you more money

and time than you originally thought. Many times people you know who speak another language

may speak that language fluently, but that doesn’t mean that they are a competent translator.

Translation is a special skill that takes hundreds if not thousands of hours to master, as different

words and phrases have very specific meanings in different languages. Getting the exact

translation that is needed completed by someone who is fluent in both languages, but not a

translator isn’t a realistic expectation. If you are getting important documents translated and they

come back wrongly translated, you will most likely have to hire a professional translator to get

the job done correctly. This equals lost time, energy and money that could have been saved by

simply avoiding this risk to begin with.

Another possible option for translation services is to hire a freelance translator. Though this may

seem like a good option in the beginning, it does carry a lot of the same risks that hiring an

acquaintance has. Hiring freelance workers for any type of work can bring mixed results. This is

because anybody can technically try to sell services as a freelance worker. They don’t

technically have to be certified or qualified to do the work in order to try and sell themselves as

having the necessary qualifications. If you try to hire a freelance translator to do your translation,

you run the same risk of having the quality of work not be sufficient, which can result in lost

time, energy and money. Not to mention the frustration that goes along with having to start over!

The last option to consider is hiring a professional translation company to do your translation for

you. Though the service fees may seem higher than the other two options, this is by far the least

risky of the three options. Professional translation companies hire only the best translators

whom are certified and qualified to do professional translations. They often have a team of

translators working on the translation, depending on the complexity or length of the translation

being done, or at the very least have the support of other professional translators to get the

correct translation. This leads to better quality and quicker translation times on average. The

company as a whole has a brand to live up to and processes in place to assure it. Because of

this, you know you can rely on them to get the work you are paying for done and at the highest

quality possible with the quickest results.

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