Today, February 21st, is the International Mother Language Day, and of course, the inwhatlanguage team didn’t want to miss the opportunity to send our most sincere thanks and congratulations to all of the people in this world that contribute to the immense language diversity that makes our planet so colorful!
Nelson Mandela once said: “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart”. In times like the ones we are living in, when international travel is an everyday thing and people migrate for thousands of reasons many times during their lifetime, it is wonderful that they don’t have to lose contact with their mother language. Of course, they will learn new languages along the way, and achieve new levels of cultural understanding and linguistic enrichment. But the mother language is part of a person’s identity, and it will always be their gateway to freely express their thoughts and needs.
And that is also why, if you ever need help finding your own voice in a place where no one speaks your mother language, inwhatlanguage will always be there for you. With a range of more than 160 languages, we will offer our services and help you to the best of our abilities. Just go to our official website, choose your desired language translation combinations or play around to see how many languages and combination of language translation services our inwhatlanguage expert linguists are capable of translating your projects to and from. Not only are our linguists talented, but they are usually experts in the culture that they represent when translating. This gives inwhatlanguage client’s the edge in having the best language translation services available!
Chinese translation, English translation, Spanish translation, Arabic translation, Hindi translation… We offer a huge variety of services in all of the world’s most widely spoken languages, according to this recent article published in Silicon India News. But you can also count on us to deliver the best translation services for far less extended languages and dialects, like Maori, Sindhi, Xhosa, Welsh or Dari. A lot of translation agencies can offer the most widely spoken languages in their translation services, but only the best can guarantee you the highest quality in the less demanded dialects. And the best quality is the least you can expect from us!
Have a happy International Mother Language Day, and enjoy speaking and writing in your mother tongue. This way we preserve our language, our identity, our cultural diversity… And a world full of different languages to explore!