inwhatlanguage wishes you all a very happy Chinese New Year!!
On this day, January 31st, half of the world celebrates the passing of the Year of the Snake and welcomes a new and exciting Year of the Horse. The British newspaper “The Independent” gives us a brief explanation as to what this means in this article written by FelicityMorse: “It will be a fast year full of conflicts according to some astrologers, who see wood as providing fuel for the energetic horse sign. (…) If you have a business involving wood or fire you will do well, according to Canadian Feng Shui expert Paul Ng. This includes lumber companies, agriculture and media companies. Property companies won’t do as well (…). Metals and waters will do badly: this will affect metal mining and precious metals as well as fishing. Financial businesses also have the potential to be unstable.”
The team at iwl definitely sees this year as a big opportunity, and not only because of the experts’ predictions, but also because we have a valuable asset at our disposal that goes very well with today’s celebration: an excellent team of professional Chinese translators that are guaranteed to provide the best service in this department.
inwhatlanguage provides superior quality Chinese document translation services worldwide by combining exceptional, in-country translation, streamlined processes, and an unmatched client support during the whole procedure. And most importantly, inwhatlanguage offers a reliable source of translation services in and to a language that’s not only one that is considered to be one of the most complicated in the world, but also one that is gaining great momentum every day.
Chinese, as a matter of fact, doesn’t exist as one particular entity. It is a group of related language varieties, several of which are not mutually intelligible, and is variously described as a language or language family. There are between 7 and 13 main regional groups of Chinese (depending on classification scheme), of which the most spoken, by far, is Mandarin (about 960 million), followed by Wu (80 million), Yue (60 million) and Min (50 million), according to Wikipedia.
This is why, when it comes to Chinese translations, it is vital to know who you are dealing with, whether or not the translation agency is trust-worthy, whether the translators are native Chinese (or rather, native to the regional language you want your documents translated from/to), and, ideally, whether the translator actually lives in the area your documents are targeted to. All of this is something that few translation agencies can guarantee, but iwl is definitely one of them.
Not only that; inwhatlanguage services every industry, specializing in providing precisely accurate, insanely fast, and surprisingly affordable Chinese document translation services worldwide. You can rest assured knowing that whatever your Chinese document translation project might consist of, our translation firm can handle all subject areas and file types.


So let us celebrate the Year of the Horse with lots of great translation projects with the assurance that your translations are in good hands. And don’t forget that, until February 10th, we have a special 20% off offer on all translation projects! Get a quote now!!