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Since the beginning, mankind has continuously found ways to overcome their limitations with the use of technology. From the use of primitive tools to sending electric powered cars into space, humanity’s limitations for technological growth is bounded by the universe itself.[sg_popup id=91]
Everywhere we go, it seems that we’re exposed to new technology. It was merely over a decade ago when the first smartphone was launched, and now smartphones are a quintessential part of our daily lives.
I mean, when was the last time you went to the restroom and didn’t use your phone?

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The emergence of the smartphone has grown and still is growing, at an expeditious rate. It almost seems as if we have brand new and better phones practically coming out each month. According to Statistica, over 2.81 billion people from around the globe will own a smartphone device by the end of 2020.
That’s almost a 50% increase from 2015!
Thanks to the explosion of the growing smartphone technology, even more, people from across the globe had access to the miracle that is the internet. The smartphone is merely a carrier of the greatest knowledge hub ever invented!
The world can now fit in the palm of your hand’s thanks to the smartphone.

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The invention of this growing global technology, the smartphone, paved the way for innovative and breathtaking digital platforms.
Many small start-ups have built a multibillion-dollar fortune from applications and business software platforms. From the pits of humble beginnings, industry giants such as Snapchat, Uber, and Air B&B emerged within an alarmingly short time period. From a report at App Annie, in 2015 it was estimated that applications earned $41.1 billion dollars in revenue alone, and it is only projected to climb. In 2020 it’s supposed to be $101 billion.
The best part of all this?
These technological advancements are seeing use around the globe. Technology is a global advancement! Since its humble launch in 2008, Air B & B alone has seen wide use in over 191 countries!

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However, as exciting as all this growing global technology is, we must realize the cold hard truth. Many of the people that live on mother earth lack the proper resources to access basic needs, let alone access to the internet. But don’t fret, because there is hope for humanity! Aside from their business successes, these newly emerging titans also provide much-needed support to those without basic human needs.
Perhaps one of the most extraordinary efforts of humanitarian efforts comes from the industry titan mentioned previously, Air B&B. Air B&B, in addition to their ingenious housing platform, also focuses on humanitarian efforts. Specifically, they try and provide shelter to those without them.
Just last year, in 2017, Air B&B launched a housing platform that was to provide shelter to thousands of refugees. In addition to their refugee relief efforts, Air B&B also created an emergency house platform within 24 hours in response to hurricane sandy. These projects are often overlooked and it’s important to be aware of the impact on humanity.

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The growth of global technology shapes the world in unexpected ways.
In conclusion, the growth of global technology has an unrivaled impact on humanity, I’ve only just scratch the surface with the smartphone market. Everyone benefits from growing global technology. Thousands of other companies, aside from the ones mentioned above, recognize that the growth of technology benefits those even without technology. Technology will continue to advance, and as technology increases, the demand for a global audience will eventually follow.

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What This Means To Us

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