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Benefits of eLearning in 2018

Gone are the days when you had to be within the four walls of a classroom to learn or participate in “formal” education. Now, with a computer and internet access, you can sit in your room and be part of a group of students scattered all around the world. That’s online or electronic learning (eLearning). 

The first educational institute to offer an online curriculum was created in 1994, but online learning did not become a thing until this new millennium when open source eLearning solutions were developed. Now, eLearning has revolutionized entirely how learning is done.

Compare, for instance, in-class learning with eLearning:

  • Cost

In-class learning costs each person on the average $95, compared to $11 for e-learning on online course websites. If you happen to come across that infamous 90% off Udemy discount, the difference in cost is even more extravagant. No need to transport yourself to the venue of learning or buy paperback text, since all books can be read electronically.

  • Time

eLearning takes 40% to 60% less time to complete compared to the in-class learning. The commuting time is saved and can be directly invested in getting the job done.

  • Energy

eLearning consumes 90% less energy. Of course, it does so because you don’t have to leave your location to learn.

  • Carbon dioxide emission

eLearning emits 85% less CO2 than in-class learning. How would you contribute CO2 to the atmosphere when you’re not leaving where you are to learn?

  • Knowledge retention

eLearning has been shown to foster 70% more retention than in-class learning. The material and instructor are right there with you to work with over and over again if there’s any part that’s unclear. Furthermore, online resources for consultations are numerous.

You can learn more about eLearning trends in 2018 from this awesome infographic.

eLearning in 2018 (Infographic)

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