As you create, alter and add to your online content as a company, you are making some of the most influential efforts toward affecting how consumers view your brand and your product. The message you share and the way your content is written will largely decide whether or not an audience retains interest, decides to buy, or determines to choose you over your competitors. Words and sentences can be tweaked, persuasive language can be added, and clarifying information can assist. Though these efforts are ongoing and always important, more and more businesses are realizing just how important content translation is in continuing to attract new audiences and appeal to each on a more personal level.


Content translation is simply the translating of your current business content, whether it’s in the form of online material on your company website, written material in instruction manuals, pamphlets or various advertising materials, and so forth, into other languages for the consumption of varying regions. The best content translation loses nothing of meaning and impact in the process.


When it comes down to it, any business that is looking to extend its reach beyond their current borders can probably really benefit from content translation in some form or another. Some of the most common companies that require translation may include:

  • Financial services companies
  • Legal services
  • Medical services
  • E Commerce companies
  • Crowdsourcing companies

The bottom line: any company that is looking to penetrate new markets or aim toward global outreach should consider content translation as an absolute must.


To both resonate with intended audiences and share content that is accurate and important, there is some content that should most definitely be translating when going global. Some of this content may include:

  • Marketing & sales materials
  • HR content
  • Financial content
  • Media content
  • All manner of business content


Now that you have a better idea of the need for content translation, inWhatLanguage is here to help. inWhatLanguage has assisted countless other businesses, both smaller scale, start-up companies, and large, well established companies, with a every type of content translation. Our content translation services run the gamut and cover such needs as:

As you and your team move forward toward global recognition and continued growth, turn to inWhatLanguage for any and all of your content translation needs.