shutterstock_2990801Looking for a suitable company to handle your translation needs is always tricky. There are many factors that can help you make a decision: availability, experience, client feedback, language range, quality, price… And of course, some of them are easier to “see” than others.

Some companies don’t publish client feedback for privacy issues. Quality can be considered by gathering translation samples, but it’s a fact that each translation is different, and quality measurement can be subjective. Price, on the other hand, is pretty definitive: once you get a price, you can easily compare it with offers from other companies, and base your decision on that.

Is it a good decision, though?

If you are offered two watches, one for $100 and another one for $500, with the guarantee that they have the exact same features and durability, your decision can be based on many factors, and price is definitely a very valid one.

But when it comes to translation, there are no such things as features and durability. The success of a translation project depends on the skills of a linguist or a group of linguists, their reliability and attention to detail, and the efforts of the company that manages it all to make sure that the client receives what they are expecting.

All of this requires people – good, experienced, trained employees willing to commit to your project, willing to make a livelihood out of it.

And, naturally, that level of commitment comes with a price.

Is it all necessary for a good translation? Definitely. If you want to settle for a less polished translation, you can save on extra costs, sure. But a good translation requires investment – financial, personal and professional.

inwhatlanguage is not the cheapest option out there. We offer great prices, yes, but the greatness is based on the price-quality ratio. The quality of our services is hard to surpass, while we keep average pricing levels to make it easier on our clients to invest on good translation.

Thanks to our wonderful new online Translation Management System Unity we can make the whole process faster and more efficient, and that allows us to throw in important discounts for large volume and repetitions in projects.

And of course, let’s not forget that there is nothing more priceless than the tranquility that comes from knowing that your precious materials are in good hands, that you will get your translation done in time and done right, and that we are always there for when you need us 🙂