[vc_row height=”auto”][vc_column][vc_column_text]As the learning industry is reaching new heights of success, we are able to gather more and more metrics about the trends in online learning, corporate training, and the like. Reports have proven that the United States is investing USD 156 million on employee learning initiatives… that’s quite the figure! It is quite interesting to see that an average of USD 1,059 is invested per learning for about one workweek of training. The question arises here is under what category this falls into and is it sufficient. The training that is provided to the employees are delivered online or computer-based and mobile devices. In total, 1.1% of training hours on mobile technology and 24.7% via online or computer-based devices. This can be thought as increased substantially on technology, as well as the continued adoption of these devices. Formal classroom training is just one way to meet the skills gap. With an explosive growth in technology tools, the best corporate training programs provide multiple ways people can consume training, both formal and informal. Collaborative platforms, self-authored video, mobile and blended learning options are all becoming accepted corporate training tools. While skills gaps continue to challenge companies, an increased investment in company training programs is good for everyone: employees, businesses and new hires. There is no scope of knowledge and technology as new modifications are taking place every day. Let us give you an overview of the latest technologies being used for training: 

  • Rapid E-Learning Tools: 56%
  • Application Simulation Tool: 43%
  • Learning Management System (LMS): 73%
  • Virtual Classroom/Webcasting/Video Broadcasting: 70%

Corporate Training: Important Trends

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inWhatLanguage is an innovative translation technology and services company that provides a cutting-edge and smarter approach to enterprise translation management. By combining in-country human linguists and advanced translation technology, we are able to quickly and accurately translate E-Learning projects with proper formatting in over 200 languages. 

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