Human translations can take longer than a machine translation but for most business related purposes, it’s required in order to get the job done right.

When customer acquisition and increased revenue is your goal (which should be the case, otherwise why are you localizing your website?), human translation is imperative toward achieving an accurate website translation. There are many benefits derived from human translation, some of which include:

  • Language Expertise – For example, an expert linguist realizes that there are many words with more than one meaning, according to the context in which it is used. These experts can determine the proper context and translate accordingly.
  • Creativity – Fluency of language is an art which comes from thousands of hours of practice and exposure. Machines can’t learn this level of creativity. Human translators are able to understand all the varied intricacies that make up a language and can use this creativity to breathe life into your content to sway potential customers and engage new audiences.
  • Sensitivity to Culture – Each and every culture is unique and has their own set of ethics and values. These tend to affect the language of the culture. Understanding the unique practices and traditions of a certain culture can affect the accuracy of translations. A qualified human translator has both the experience and expertise to navigate these sensitive nuances related to the culture of your target audience allowing your company to deliver an accurate and credible message to that audience.

You wouldn’t want to accidentally send the wrong message right? That’s why using a translation professional can be imperative in any translation project.

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