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When inWhatLanguage came into the picture, our professional network took existing content that was already in the interface (about 50-55,000 words across about 10,000 lines of code) and “scrubbed it”, meaning all the content was corrected linguistically to remedy all grammatical, spelling and consistency errors.

We met with Instructure quarterly to assess their latest needs and fine-tune our processes in working for them. We also organized training sessions to ease the localization process and assure project resources were defined and followed. This allowed us to develop our relationship and adjust our processes as their needs changed over time.

With such a diverse K-12 student body across the state, they identified the need for translation and language services across multiple languages and content types, from notifications to learning support materials.

The Louisiana Department of Education now routinely provides translations of parent-facing documents into a minimum of three languages. They are also able to follow quality control procedures to ensure translated assessment content is accurate. Parents of English Language Learners (ELL) now have access to critical information to help their children succeed. ELL students also better understand subject materials and enjoy their education experience.

We were asked to translate and transcribe recordings of executives, CEOs and other high-level individuals from organizations (Fortune 100 Companies) around the world. The business subjects covered in these interviews ranged from marketing, operational efficiency to leadership management, as well as many other different facets of business.

For the Media Department, we did a very similar project. They had some interviews done in Spanish, some others in English, and they had an internal team take care of the translation this time. Our job was to proofread the videos and made sure that their team had done a good job with the translation and adaptation of the content. We did this in very high volumes.

ClearCenter and its open source foundation, ClearFoundation, needed to translate its software user interface for its ClearOS operating system into multiple languages. ClearCenter was rapidly expanding with deployments growing in 143 countries. As adoption of the ClearOS operating system grew, the requests for localization also increased. At this point, they had the choice to hire internal translators or outsource to a larger language service provider.

The LM Platform allowed Clear Center to quickly automate the process of translation for their user interface into 85 languages. Our processes identify any changes or updates to the code and sends notifications to renew their 152 Git repositories instantly. This process keeps their code current and lifts the burden of translation from their internal team.

Our LM platform’s cloud-based technology gave ORGANO GOLD control to set deadlines and customize the workflow to manage different sized translation projects. The unique client review module tracks every change that’s made and provides a measurable overall quality score. If a linguist feels the need to fix the translation, the translation memory is updated in real time for others to see.

ORGANO GOLD also saved money because documents with repeated content were populated with the translation memory faster, and the translators only handle the new content. LM also uploaded the glossary used by the previous agency to improve the translation process.

Megadyne came to us because their past translation company could not provide the quality that they needed in 18 languages for their product-related documentation. The challenge for the medical device company was to find a translation company that understood how to translate not only medical terminology, but also medical device terminology in a matter that would be understood in the target countries. We went through months of testing with Megadyne, working with different linguists, and we established a strong team of translators

We provided highly technical translations in 18 languages – things that you absolutely cannot get wrong under any circumstance. And not just spelling or grammar: it was vital that the context was translated correctly as well in order to translate the meaning exactly. When we talk about medical devices, there cannot be gambles: people’s lives are at stake.


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