What is Multicultural Marketing?

In short, multicultural marketing is for when meaning goes beyond words. The United States is becoming increasingly ethnically diverse every year making it more important than ever that companies learn to market to everyone and not only the English speaking. Many phrases if translated literally would be misunderstood. For example, “it’s raining cats and dogs” would not translate well into another language. This means that communicating goes further than translating words as they are.


Companies that expand their marketing efforts beyond one language and culture will thrive in the coming years. It’s important to know the culture of your target audience but this is where professional linguists can come in. They are well versed in more than one language and capable of translating words and phrases from one language to another without losing the brand’s unique voice.


Other cultures have not yet been inundated with marketing campaigns. They bring with them new traditions and ideas that have not been properly represented. Going beyond basic translation could lead to new opportunities for your brand and your new target audience.


What is Transcreation?

Transcreation is relevant when discussing marketing to multiple markets. Transcreation is when you do more than simply translate word for word. It also brings along the time, intent, and style of the original language. It makes it possible for the brand’s voice to transcend cultures and languages without losing any of its personality or what makes it unique. With transcreation, a brand can be consistent and understood across multiple languages.


The benefits of multicultural marketing

The benefits of multicultural marketing are exponential. Some businesses have begun reaching out to other cultures, but many have not, leaving the opportunity open. Other cultures need to be recognized in the United States. Every year, more and more people become citizens and are not recognized in marketing campaigns. Providing representation to other cultures will be beneficial for them and your brand. Here are some of the benefits of multicultural marketing.


International SEO

There are professional linguists that specialize in marketing. They are highly qualified to find the most effective keywords for your brand in your target market’s language increasing your discoverability.


Consistent branding in all languages

Although the words are different the branding will remain the same. Therefore, someone will be able to look at your marketing efforts in two languages and know by the design that it is consistent across languages.


Opportunity to reach unsaturated markets

Beyond the fact that many businesses have not tried t market to other cultures yet, there are also more campaign opportunities around holidays and special events that are important to other cultures.



Not only one language is reached. Through professional translation efforts, multiple markets can be reached effectively.


Other cultures can feel represented

When they have been ignored or misunderstood for so long, people of other cultures will feel appreciative to be seen and heard. To have their culture represented on TV or in campaigns will create a connection between your company and another culture.


Multicultural influencers can be reached

Influencers have become a prime form of marketing in the last few years. There are many that come from other cultures and are proud of their heritage. Reaching them could mean reaching their audiences and opening new doors for you.


When multicultural marketing is necessary

The United States has long been known as the melting pot. There are many people that speak different languages and make translation so necessary in this country. As the years go on, only more and more people immigrate to the United States. It is necessary that marketing efforts reach further than solely the native English speakers. The many other cultures need to be acknowledged as well. Multicultural marketing allows a new connection to take place with an entirely new culture.


Why use inWhatLanguage for your translation needs

Writing specialists

Our network of linguists are copywriters in other languages, not just translators. They can assist with copywriting development in other languages to support your business expansion.


Better messaging

Multicultural marketing results in better messaging that is targeted and localized. With translation alone, you get new words in another language, but with the same source messaging.



Marketing text is action-driven. While translations of informative text is fine, straight translations of marketing copy is far less effective. Transcreation simply increases conversions.


Look and feel

Marketing is more than words. Design, style, and tone also contribute to creative assets and campaigns. Ensure your efforts are accepted and resonate with local markets.


Most businesses have to adopt multicultural marketing in today’s age. If your business needs help marketing to multiple cultures, please contact inWhatLanguage today. The copywriters are fluent in multiple languages and are able to provide translation services in order to help your business reach untapped languages. Learn more about our multicultural marketing services here.