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Utah Tech is growing at an incredible rate.
As the technology sector continues to grow, there is also an expansion into global markets that Utah companies will be taking advantage of.
Obviously this endeavor seems much easier said than done.
Expanding into an international market is never an easy undertaking and it involves a lot of preparation, strategy, and…
Localization is when products, services and brand are adapted and changed to appeal to a specific target audience based on culture, region or country.
As the president of Reading Horizons put it, “Just because a product works in the US doesn’t mean it will work overseas.”
If you want to be successful in an international market, you need to localize your business to cater to that market. That involves expert and quality translation, but there can be more that goes into it, such as multilingual staffing, global marketing, and SEO.
Find out what Tyson Smith has to say about reaching global markets, company culture, and what CEO’s should know when pursuing a high growth strategy.
Watch the video!

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