The New Year is upon us, and maybe it is time to reflect on it for a bit. 2013. 13. The number. 
Considered magic by some, and cursed by others, it is undoubtedly a number that leaves very few people indifferent.
Despite some religious connotations that could relieve its bad fame, the number 13 still carries a heavy burden. 13th of October 1307 was the day when Philip IV of France ordered the arrest of the mythical Knights Templar, 13 are the knots traditionally needed in a hangman’s noose to make it stable enough to be lethal, and it is also a number often referred to in witchcraft teachings. Not to mention that Friday the 13th is considered the unluckiest day of the year.
Good reasons to have a phobia of the number 13 – triskaidekaphobia?
Not to us. Not after surviving a 2012 that, honestly speaking, has been all but easy.
With an economic crisis devouring the world’s coffers, threats of wars looming all over the news and increasing amounts of unemployed citizens getting more nervous by the day, it is still a wonder that there are businesses out there that are still worth investing in. But there are.
Far from retreating in fear against what may come over us in such difficult times, inwhatlanguage has grown during the last year, welcoming valuable additions to the team such as our new Project Manager, Veronica Johnson, our new Marketing Manager, Lydia Aranda, and no less than 250 new highly qualified linguists. We have earned the patronage of 175 new customers, among which are some as prestigious as Harvard University, Standford University or Silversea Cruise Lines.
With a solid leadership, competitive prices and quality over everything else in our translation service, we have managed to ascend to the top in the world of translation agencies, ending up as finalist for the title of Best of State in Utah, and second place in the list of BestTranslation Agencies published by TopTenReviews – and, in the words of our dear CEO Cody Broderick, “best overall!!!”-.
So… If we were able to achieve all this in the turbulent year 2012… Are we afraid of what comes next? Are you kidding? We are looking forward to growing more in 2013 with 100% growth, new team members, awesome clients, and also by serving our community and non-profit groups to help make our world a brighter place!
Happy New Year to everyone!


2013, here we go!!!