Translation software has been around for quite some time already, and while we all use it (because we DO, let’s admit it), the debate concerning its “proper” use goes on every day.
Certainly, there are different levels of use when it comes to translation software. It is not the same to use professional translation software -for which a linguist must pay a mighty sum and thus can enjoy features such as Translation Memory databases, automatic segmentation and formatting- as it is to use a free online translator. It is not the same to use a free online translator to get a quick word translated as it is to get a whole sentence “translated” (and let us not even mention a whole fragment). This is when things like this happen.
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Machines are not meant to translate, because translation is not an automatic procedure. It is not a mathematical formula. It is an art, and it requires instinct, imagination and an open mind – all of which are exclusively human traits.
Does this mean that a human will produce by default a perfect translation? Not at all. Humans err, and human error is a common find in translations. How to know whether an error has been done by a human or a machine? Well… Human error tends to be more imaginative. Like this.


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Seriously, though; while human error is common, it is also easily identifiable and fixable. Machine errors, though, tend to be big, multiple and very time-consuming to fix.
What software can do for you
Translation software can be really handy when it comes to website translation!
Like I said before, machines are not meant to translate. But they can help translators make their job easier – for instance, eliminating a good percentage of human error. Typos, repetitions and basic grammar errors, for instance, can be avoided with an automatic corrector, available with any word processor software.
A lot of time can be saved on repeated content with a good Translation Memory tool that translates automatically a segment that is 100% identical to a previously translated one, and it can help with consistency when there are past translations that were done by a different translator, as well. Also, it can be a real life saver with certain formats –especially websites.
Unfortunately, translation software does have a disadvantage: it tends to be costly. And awkward (okay, two disadvantages then). Working with a translation software program usually is not as smooth as writing on a Word document, and the prices that one must pay for the use of these tools are, in the opinion of many users, definitely not worth it.
Then again, there are cheaper, or even free alternatives – but these also come with their fair share of bugs, crashes and compatibility issues (the cheaper the alternative, the fairer the share it gets). These programs also tend to work on one computer only, and export of documents can become a real nightmare when a translator is on the move and needs access to their translations from other terminals.
A solution to get rid of all of these problems: is it really such a hard thing to find?
Well, yes. Something like that requires research, lots of money and effort and tons of patience and faith in the product. Not a lot of companies would dare risk such an investment on a project of this nature.
But there is where inwhatlanguage is different: we DO dare take such a step. For longer than a year, we have been working on the ultimate translation software tool for our company, our translators and clients, so that we can all enjoy and all-comprehensive, cloud-based Translation Management System that is available to everyone, everywhere.
Translation industry, meet Unify!
Working with inwhatlanguage has advantages such as high-quality translation, quick turnaround times, excellent customer service, affordable prices… And the use of the powerful Cloud-based Translation Management System Unify, a platform where you will find everything you need for the most efficient translation services EVER.
For clients, it will mean constant control over the status of their translation projects, the possibility of adding information, terminology and style guides at any time, and constant dialogue with the translators working on their documents.
For translators, it will mean an automated translation and word processing tool with the latest technology to help them save on time and effort, while guaranteeing the maximum level of consistency and accuracy.
This is not fiction. This is us, inwhatlanguage, amplified. Upgraded. Ready to rock the translation world.


We can hardly wait to prove it to you!