Today’s technology changes at a nearly constant pace, and while language translation has happened for thousands of years, we’re seeing changes in how it gets done. We want to improve speed for translating the language and help improve the quality of the translation work. When it comes to translation memory, you have a linguistic database that increases the efficiency of the translation work. This database captures the most common phrases and stores them to recall them for later use. Whenever the phrase gets used again in the future, it will be known for the future. This lowers how much translation you need in the future with human translators. As you can see, it leads to incredible efficiency.

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This Technology Becomes an Incredible Help to Business

An estimated 40 percent of business language can be translated using this software. As a business owner, you save the cash that you’d have to pay for a translator. This process gets repeated again with similar messaging. Businesses will often benefit by saving money in the business through translation projects and working with professional firms who have leveraged this.

Time is Money

Any translation firm that uses translation memory will save themselves on time for every project because they can lower how much they have to translate materials by as much as 40 percent. It accomplishes your target much faster so that you can finish things much faster. As a result, you can take on more projects, and you not only save money, you help to drive further revenue to your firm.
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Competitive Edge

You can leverage this technology to do things much faster, but you will also have an edge because many translation firms haven’t even caught on to this technology. Those who use it could turn it into a competitive advantage and pass on the savings to their business and customers through lower prices that will again give them an additional advantage. When you lower the price for customers, you also make it more convenient for them, which is what good business is all about.

Higher Quality Translation Work

Through this technology, you will also make the quality of your work much better than ever before because the message will remain the same when you repeat it. Quality translations mean that the business doesn’t have to redo the work later. This in itself will save you both time and money because businesses will know you for the quality of your work, and this leads to a better reputation.

“Translation memory not only will save you money but will result in higher-quality translations.”

How This Technology Works

To translate a piece, this technology will scan through an extensive database to look for content that has said similar things in the past. Once it has done this, it translates the current content into the same as what the past content had. This means that sentences or even entire paragraphs will be the same as what the last one was. In this way, you spend less time translating it. After you have deemed a translation as correct, it will remain the same for all your future work.

100 Percent Matches or Fuzzy Matches

This translation software translates content either as a 100 percent match, which means you have used the exact same language before. However, it could also mean that the same translation has been done before, but you only have a close match. As a result, the software translates it as the same as the past content. The human translator then has the option to choose if the current software to match it up and execute the translation as needed. This means that professional translators will have the option to have more flexibility to control the process of translating. It adds a further level of convenience for the translator.

When This Software Shines

If you want to know where translation memory can be used at its most effective, it comes from when you have a high level of repetition in your content for translating. To give an example, let’s say that you have a lot of business content that you want to translate with an exact messaging or something similar. This technology lets you improve the effectiveness of the process because it will save you time on the translation work. In particular, this helps when you want to translate the content from a website. The technology overlooks the coding like CSS and HMTL to save time for the human translator. As a result, you never have to spend large amounts of time sifting through the code to figure out the content translated.

Exceptional Benefits to Customers

Outside of it having cost savings, the new feature also has stylistic checks and proofreading abilities for the best results. Through this new process that translators do, customers will see a much faster turnaround time than what they would have had otherwise. In addition, the software improves the quality in the automated translations. You will also be given much better recommendations through this software, which means that you will have far more accurate translations.

Using a Centralized System

The system uses a centralized system where the translations get done in the same way across the board. As soon as a file or segment gets translated, they add it to the memory of the translation. What does a centralized system mean? It means that two translators around the world can both use the same system, and they will receive the exact matches when the same sentence has been used.
If you’re looking for technology that could do this, you may want to consider UNIFY. This system uses a centralized system, and the technology supports over 50 files types. Through integration, you will have an effortless content system that works wonders. For someone new to the software, you will have the advantage of an easy-to-use interface. With UNIFY, you can grow your global success story while making customers happier than ever before. This company works with certified linguists to make sure that you have the best translation.
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