Fast, Cost-Effective Translation Services

Does your enterprise ever require translation and subtitling services? Today, as the pace of global commerce increases, many businesses, nonprofits, institutions and private individuals seek capable assistance preparing materials for international dissemination quickly.

From individual documents to news articles to website marketing videos to radio, television and film productions, the demand for accurate translations has exploded in recent years. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 29% increase in positions for translators and interpreters between 2014 and 2024, for instance. Managers appreciate the need to obtain streamlined translations as cost-effectively as possible. If you must wait for several weeks (or months) to transcribe some materials, you operate at a significant disadvantage in competitive business environments. How can you gain the benefits of rapid and accurate subtitling help at a reasonable price?

An Innovative Solution From inWhatLanguage

Recent advances in computer technology and artificial intelligence have provided powerful new tools for people seeking fast, high-quality translation and subtitle services. You can depend upon inWhatLanguage to provide you with the best, most competitive resources.

We developed a remarkable cloud-based translation management platform called UNIFY. This cutting-edge solution offers some important advantages. Your customers will appreciate your ability to furnish rapid, streamlined materials in a number of different languages. Use our services to quickly break down the linguistic communications barriers with all content, including:

Translation and Subtitle Services



Transcripts of Phone Conversations

Audio Files

Seminar And Conference Materials

Sales Literature, And More!

Online Educational Venues

Video Productions

Mobile Apps


Meeting And Webinar Transcripts

Our User-Friendly System

The UNIFY platform offers a way to expedite and streamline your communications. Instead of depending upon six (or perhaps seven) different apps to assist with transcription, translation, subtitling and recording voice-over segments, you can now accomplish these tasks using a single easy interface. The innovative, user-friendly Media Workbench of the UNIFY platform automates aspects of professional translation and subtitle services which previously required between eight and 10 complex file transfers. We’ve simplified the process significantly. Media Workbench uses technology developed by IBM to automate translation and subtitle services with a 95-97% accuracy level. We then use our network of translation professionals to correct the automation for a 99-100% accuracy level. Our global media automation tool offers solutions for any video transcription, translation, voice-overs, and subtitles for accurate and fast service.

Additionally, the UNIFY translation management platform offers significant cost saving with translation memory and automated machine learning. We estimate using our technology allows customers to slice the costs and turnaround times involved in obtaining transcription services by a factor of 30% to 50%. As more enterprises aspire to achieve lean management, we believe our remarkable product will continue to increase in popularity. Resolve now to learn more about this exciting global media automation breakthrough!

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Introducing The UNIFY Cloud-Based Platform

UNIFY allows everyone involved in preparing translations to collaborate using a single cloud-based platform. It supplies a seamless Media Workbench to include video transcription and voice-over features. Your enterprise won’t need to send audio and video materials to different locations to obtain fast, reliable transcription and subtitling. Our platform in the cloud interfaces with a multitude of other platforms seamlessly. UNIFY also remembers nuanced translations, so you won’t need to pay to re-translate previously submitted content.

The widely acclaimed Dr. Watson artificial intelligence program developed by IBM underlies this innovation. We’ve automated the language transcription and translation process with the assistance of AI and computer databases. When you utilize this robust system on a regular basis, you’ll notice its speed, accuracy, and convenience. Let us help you automate communications using UNIFY, a highly efficient innovation. You’ll love the cost-savings your enterprise enjoys as a result!

The inWhatLanguage Translation Process

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How do customers get automated media translation with the UNIFY platform? You upload your content, we transcribe, translate, add subtitles and when it’s done, you download the file. These simple steps demonstrate the advantages of this new translation management system:

1. Our platform automates translation (including the transcription of audio-visual files) with an accuracy of 95% to 97%. A linguist then reviews it and corrects any errors.

2. UNIFY finalizes transcriptions and automatically assigns the editing to approved linguists for translation into selected languages.

3. The UNIFY platform will remember translation decisions and supply tools such as glossaries along with visible source file content to expedite this process.

4. Translators then use automated captioning and subtitling processes in the Media Workbench to refine and nuance the content into the desired format.

5. UNIFY adds SRT/VTT time stamps to the files at the time of export.

6. The Media Workbench automates these processes to permit the recall of language structure and nuanced expressions.

7. Media Workbench also helps facilitate automated voice-over recording; customer choose automated text-to-natural speech or they can ask human voice-over professionals to record directly onto the UNIFY platform via the Media Workbench, eliminating the need to book expensive studio recording time.

Harness The Power of Subtitle Automation

The benefits of this new technology allows companies of all sizes to harness the power of computer automation effortlessly. You can utilize the UNIFY platform in order to accomplish some important goals:

Streamline the transcription and translation process;

Reduce unnecessary duplication;

Enjoy faster translation and subtitle services;

Enhance efficiency;

Lower costs

The UNIFY platform completely automates text-to-natural speech recording for a number of languages, including French, Italian, German, Spanish (Latin American, North American and Castilian), Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese and English (UK and US). Our network of human voice artists will supply any demand or need for other languages.

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Further Information

Our innovative process represents an important development in streamlining the communication of transcripts and multimedia materials across a multitude of languages. The results will delight your customers and assist your bottom line.

Contact us soon to explore obtaining these money saving services, or to request a demo. We look forward to introducing you to inWhatLanguage and our innovating UNIFY platform!