That is our lucky number, today.
On August 10th, the Make-a-Wish Foundationcelebrates its Rubber Ducky Derby in its 25th edition, a very special occasion by itself. But for inwhatlanguage, it is twice as special: for the very first time, we are an active part of it. We have done a campaign, donated our money and asked others to help and participate, and we have raised a grand total $67,703 BEFORE the actual event took place.
That’s why today we can attend the 25th Anniversary of the Rubber Ducky Derby with a great sense of fulfillment. We didn’t know if it would work, we didn’t know if we were reaching for the stars; we just wanted to try, to make a pledge, and to make people aware that a lot of sick children out there could feel a little happier thanks to a gesture as small as a little online pledge. And it worked!
Nothing less than $67,703 are going to be exclusively dedicated to make terminally ill children’s wishes come true. No goal could be nobler and more exciting. And for that, we want to give the warmest thanks to all of you who made this possible.
If you are coming to the event today at Seven Peaks Salt Lake 1200 W 1700 South, we will be there, trying to make this number even higher, trying to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation even more successful in its amazing endeavor, all the while having fun and meeting new and interesting people who share a common interest: seeing children smile.
Don’t forget to say hello! You can be sure that we will welcome you with open arms, in true iwl style.