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Every marketer in the business can clearly see that if they want to get anywhere, then they need to include mobile in their marketing strategy. In recent years, the use of mobile devices has risen significantly, with people spending more time on their mobile devices than on a desktop computer. Be it browsing the internet, checking social media, reading the news, accessing apps or various other uses. Additionally, people love to watch video on their mobile. The development of technology means that video on a mobile has become quicker, clearer and generally a better experience. Companies have begun to optimise video for mobile use, and video sharing sites such as YouTube have even created apps specifically for mobile use.
websitebuilder has put together an informative infographic with many facts on the recent rise of video marketing, including a whole section dedicated to how the rise in mobile use has contributed to this fact.
One of the best tools to improve SEO is to create valuable content that people are likely to share with others, predominantly through social media platforms. If a video repeatedly gets shared, then this must mean that people approve of the content that it contains, therefore improving the rank of your website. Getting share is one of the best ways to improve brand SEO, so why not make it as easy as possible to get these shares. Video social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Vine are all easily accessible via mobile devices, especially Instagram and Vine (both mobile apps), therefore by adding content to these sites you are already speeding up the sharing process.
On the small screens of a mobile phone, it is a lot easier to watch a video about a product than work your way through a page of tiny text. People are constantly trying to find ways to make their lives easier, and the ability to be able to watch a video while they are on the move achieves just that.
A problem with video and mobile use is the fact that some people may refrain from watching a video on their mobile because they are worried about using up their mobile data. However, the Wi-Fi is popping up more frequently in public places, allowing people use their phone to watch content on the go, without having to worry about it costing them anything.
Videos can also help to beat boredom. When people are hoping to pass the time, more often than not they will pull out their mobile phone. This is the opportune time for them to watch video content, and actively seek out a short entertaining video. Your brand should make use of this and create high quality and entertaining content that can fill this waiting time effectively. Video marketing on a mobile device can be extremely effective if used correctly.
Here is an infographic to show you just how powerful video marketing can be.


127 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Video Marketing

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