Video remote interpretation, or VRI, is a direct video telecommunication service. VRI uses devices, such as smartphone cameras or computer webcams, to provide language interpretation services on the spot for those in need. Interpreters are located off-site, but they can readily connect via an internet connection to provide communication assistance to individuals who speak foreign languages.

Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of VRI and why the demand for this service continues to grow.

Cutting Costs

Your business can likely cut costs by using VRI services instead of in-person interpretation. On-site interpreting may require a set minimum charge, as well as other possible mileage and travel charges. Since VRI requires no commute, these charges are eliminated.

Additionally, it used to be the norm to have a hired interpreter on hand to ensure that interpretation services were available as needed. However, with advancements in technology, VRI has made it possible to have an interpreter available at a moment’s notice without a full-time hire. This instantaneous connection means that you likely pay only for the time you need.

On-Demand Solution

VRI is one of the fastest and most easily accessible options for interpretation. Thus, the need for VRI is widespread due to its ability to provide real-time interpreting with high levels of convenience. Many language service providers offer round-the-clock VRI services to ensure that interpretation is always available when you need it most.

On-demand interpretation solutions are critical for emergencies. Whether providing an irritated customer with fast customer service or supplying an injured person with immediate medical care, VRI produces accurate interpretation services on-demand.

Visual Cues

Video remote interpreting is often more cost-effective than on-site interpreting, and it also adds an element of visual support that over-the-phone interpreting can lack. For instance, if there was a situation in which someone required sign language interpreting, services that do not offer visual support are of no use. In this way, VRI bridges the gap that exists between over-the-phone interpretation and on-site interpretation.

Interpretation services work best when the interpreter can see and engage with everyone included in the conversation. VRI allows the interpreter to observe and understand the variety of non-verbal communication occurring in a discussion and share its importance with all involved. Enhanced accuracy is always appreciated and is a vital component of excellent interpretation services.

Industry Usage

VRI is ideal for many industries, including healthcare, education, government, service, tourism, finance, and more. These industries benefit from having fast and accurate interpreting services available on-demand for unplanned situations or emergencies. Additionally, many businesses are now expanding operations globally. Any company that interacts with non-native speakers, including but not limited to immigrants, tourists, and outsourced employees, can immensely benefit from the use of VRI services.

Professional Video Remote Interpretation Services

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