Ensure correct and consistent translations

A term base, often referred to as a glossary, is a multilingual database which can be used for storing industry-specific and company-specific terminology and technical terms to be used in translation projects. 

Translation Memory

Why glossaries matter

With a term base, you can identify brand-specific terminology and provide exact translation requests. Now you can eliminate incorrect, off-brand translations and improve overall quality.

Control your terminology

Avoid incorrect word choices

Enhanced consistency and accuracy

Faster turnaround times


What a glossary will do for your business

Incorrect, inconsistent, or ambiguous terminology reduces the readability of documents, leaving the texts open to misunderstanding or resulting in critical errors. Having a database of a company’s or industry’s approved preferences will ensure that projects will be technically and stylistically consistent. Terminology can help to keep your translation consistent and ensure that you and/or your translators use the correct terms.

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Workflow Automation

Reduce repetitive, manual tasks with streamlined automation. Configure your custom translation workflow in a few simple steps to simplify the process. A translation widget is also available for user-friendly access for the whole company.

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