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We always offer the latest developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize your translation workflows. 

Artificial Intelligence

Maximize the translation process

With workflow automation, projects follow your customized translation requirements. Now you can eliminate manual, repetitive tasks and reduce communication overhead. 

Reduced translation costs

Minimize post-editing

Leverage quality MT


Adopt innovation

High quality savings

Machine translation quality estimation

Machine translation is a valuable tool for cost-effective and fast translation, but the quality of translation output can vary. Our Machine Translation Quality Estimation feature automatically assigns quality score for machine translation output in real-time based on past performance. This helps in identifying content that does not need human translation or post-editing, significantly reducing translation costs.

1,000+ brands have made the switch to inWhatLanguage

We are a proud provider of translation, localization, and interpretation services in over 200 languages for businesses, Fortune 500, and government entities worldwide. We have optimized our processes to meet their unique needs, adapting from small, on-demand tasks to high-touch, fully-managed solutions.

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“inWhatLanguage’s project managers and coordinators are the best and friendliest in the industry.”   Lauren L.

Workflow Automation

Reduce repetitive, manual tasks with streamlined automation. Configure your custom translation workflow in a few simple steps to simplify the process. A translation widget is also available for user-friendly access for the whole company.

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Automatic Linguist Selection

Our Automatic Linguist Selection feature helps choose the best qualified translator for any given project, ensuring faster and better translations. Whenever a project manager creates a new translation task, inWhatLanguage will generate a list of suggested linguists that have experience working with similar documents. In approximately 70% of cases the project managers will choose a linguist from the list recommended by the AI.

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Our estimates show that approximately 14% of all segments do not require translation. inWhatLanguage’s patented non-translatables feature not only recognizes traditional non-translatables, such as numbers, email addresses, and ZIP codes, but also additional content such as names of people and products. By automatically scoring each segment, linguists can focus their post-editing effort where it’s needed.

Suited for any team, any size

inWhatLanguage is highly customizable to fit enterprise needs. Create workflows tailored to your specific requirements with some of our most popular features.

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