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What is Startup Santa?

This Utah initiative encourages companies to compete against each other to donate children’s books for kids living in low-income families. The state-wide book drive aims to provide new and used books to support childhood literacy programs and they are given as gifts to children all over the state.

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inWhatLanguage Works with Santa

When inWhatLanguage heard about this initiative, our team immediately recruited everyone we knew to donate as many books as they could. We all pitched in and inWhatLanguage rose to the top of the donation leaderboard for our company size, with a total of 925 donated books. inWhatLanguage ranked 10th overall for donations.

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With our mission in mind–to unify people and communities through innovative translation solutions–we made sure over 20 percent of the books we donated were in different languages. In Salt Lake School alone, 18 percent of the students are refugees and 44 percent of all students are English Language Learners (ELL).

inWhatLanguage wanted to provide support for childhood literacy for kids of all backgrounds. Many of the books that were donated were bilingual to help integrate ELLs and newcomers.

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The Holiday Spirit

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Instead of delivering gifts to clients and associates this year, we decided to give back to the community. These books will help brighten and enrich the lives of children all over Utah, regardless of any language or cultural barriers. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season full of giving and helping those in need.