Improved learning experiences

With remote working environments becoming commonplace, eLearning courses are a must for initial and ongoing training. Organizations will need to adapt and provide training in the employee’s native language to ensure proper understanding and implementation. 

A comprehensive solution

Maximize content assimilation


Content authoring


Platform localization


Voiceover & subtitling


Testing & QA


In-country review


eLearning localization

Any file in any language

In addition to a data-driven approach, our network of professional linguists are required to pass our internal quality certification process. Our comprehensive System of Action provides a foundation for delivering the highest levels of quality, while monitoring the effectiveness of key business and production processes.

The Right Expertise

Supporting your tools and systems

inWhatLanguage provides eLearning localization expertise for any tool or LMS. 

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Why inWhatLanguage?

Because your success matters to us.

Quick turnaround

We understand the importance of deadlines. We provide regular updates and ensure your translations will be ready on time.

Professional quality

Our in-country linguists are certified professionals. But we still implement a rigorous system for quality assurance. 

Growth system

We support high volumes, 200+ languages and tight project deadlines. All designed to scale and grow with your organization.

Global expertise

Our dedicated account managers and support teams focus on delivering great customer experiences and driving results.

Don't just create content.


Create relationships.

It's so powerful when organizations create relationships with people in foreign countries as they interact with your brand, products, services and employees. Developing universal experiences will help:

  • Improve customer retention and loyalty
  • Increase customer share of wallet
  • Optimize customer acquisition
  • Reduce cost to serve
  • Increase brand awareness and equity

With inWhatLanguage you can automate, streamline, simplify and centralize your content to create consistent and reliable positive experiences in 200+ languages. Leverage our technology and powerful human network to produce predictable and sustainable growth. 


Trusted by our clients


Instructure has developed an amazing technology platform called Canvas which helps schools worldwide.

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Harvard University

Harvard is one of the best Universities in the world. We are pleased they would select us as their translation partner.

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Louisiana Education

The Louisiana Department of Education is dedicated to involving English Language Learners

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Organo Gold

Using LM, inWhatLanguage helps clients save time and money on translation costs.

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Clear Center

Clear Center offers a diverse range of IT solutions with official offices around the world.

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Megadyne knows how to make quality medical devices. We are pleased to help doctors know how to use them in over 30 different languages.

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Veronica Johnson

Translation Specialist / Desktop Publisher
Intermountain Healthcare

We work with hundreds of documents, and this ensures that our in-house and contract translators are using the same preferred terminology for Intermountain and SelectHealth. It’s easy to track every project from start to finish. I can review the translation for every project, make comments to the translators, assign translators and reviewers, etc. It’s transparent and I know exactly what’s going on with every project. It’s a great tool and I highly recommend it.


Reviewer training and process development

Defining new or reviewing existing quality assurance processes and metrics and suggesting ongoing improvements and standardization. Providing guidelines or formal training to a client’s in-country reviewers to ensure the best use of their time and the most effective review cycles.

A consistent brand identity
in any language

Establish glossary terms and leverage translation memory to communicate a consistent brand to your audience. We make it easy for you to create a posititve reputation and review effective messaging.


Upload glossary terms and style guides to instantly ensure high-quality translations.


Review real-time brand insights from your glossary and linguists.


Quickly and easily customize your brand style guide and glossaries in real time.


File types


In-country linguists

What can we do for your growth?

  • Support with 50+ file types
  • Services available in 200+ languages
  • Increase global brand equity
  • 125+ countries of expertise
  • 10K In-country linguists
  • Localization & interpretation solutions at scale

Are you ready translate with a partner that cares about your growth and user experiences?

Translations are more than just words - with our team and tools, you get a robust system for success