Custom Course Development

A client-focused approach

We provide a comprehensive solution for custom course development, translation and localization. Regardless of the format, we can support your needs. Our professional network of experts can guide you through the entire process and help manage the actual development. 

Enhancing education experiences

Multiple training options

Creating a plan for future success is critical for long-term growth. This process ensures proper consideration for all factors that will influence the LMS selection.


Instructor-led Training (ILT)

Instructor-led courses can often vary in scope, depending on the tools being used. One of the primary drivers is whether the ILT training is targeting a face-to-face delivery mode, a virtual web-cast, or both. These factors play into the overall approach, design, and services that may be offered.


Online Training (OLT)

The degree and complexity of the interactions and media included in an online course are often directly proportional to the learner’s level of maintained interest and the amount of learning that subsequently occurs. These elements are also directly related to overall cost and development time.


Social Learning Platforms

Asynchronous online training provides a powerful mechanism to reach a distributed learning population while still leveraging skilled instructors, collaborators, and industry experts. This method involves the creation of different Communities of Practice and may either be deployed using open source or commercially available products. 


We do it all

Maintain the integrity of your content 

Regardless of your content project, our DTP experts will ensure the end translated results look the same as the original format. Our desktop publishing experts work across a wide range of software in order to deliver the outcomes and quality your company needs.

  • Text extraction from non-editable file types
  • File preparation before translations
  • Website localization
  • Typesetting, design and production
  • FQA (Formatting Quality Assurance)
  • Preparation of print ready files
  • Software localization


Why inWhatLanguage?

Because your success matters to us.

Quick turnaround

We understand the importance of deadlines. We provide regular updates and ensure your translations will be ready on time.

Professional quality

Our in-country linguists are certified professionals. But we still implement a rigorous system for quality assurance. 

Growth system

We support high volumes, 200+ languages and tight project deadlines. All designed to scale and grow with your organization.

Global expertise

Our dedicated account managers and support teams focus on delivering great customer experiences and driving results.

A consistent brand identity
in any language

Establish glossary terms and leverage translation memory to communicate a consistent brand to your audience. We make it easy for you to create a posititve reputation and review effective messaging.


Upload glossary terms and style guides to instantly ensure high-quality translations.


Review real-time brand insights from your glossary and linguists.


Quickly and easily customize your brand style guide and glossaries in real time.

What can we do for your growth?

  • Support with 50+ file types
  • Services available in 200+ languages
  • Increase global brand equity
  • 125+ countries of expertise
  • 10K In-country linguists
  • Localization & interpretation solutions at scale

Are you ready translate with a partner that cares about your growth and user experiences?

Translations are more than just words - with our team and tools, you get a robust system for success