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Stay compliant and with easy-to-use interpretation technology. We empower healthcare professionals to connect with colleagues and patients virtually, through a secure platform. 

Bringing the solution to you

Effective & convenient

Real-time video and audio deliver live interpretation anywhere, anytime, on any device


Audio Interpretation


Video Interpretation

Onsite Interpretation

Conference Interpretation

ASL & CHART Interpretation

Video Call Chatting Communication Concept

1. Choose language

200+ languages offered, including ASL

2. Choose audio, video or other service

Our apps operate on iOS, Android, smartphones, tablets and computers

3. Connect with interpreter

Available on-demand or schedule for multiple languages

4. Start the conversation

You can begin within 30 seconds

How it works

We understand how important quality of care is for patients. We offer telemedicine solutions to elevate your office. Through advanced technology and customized support, you can communicate with anyone in any language at any time. Choose from a network of professional interpreters for simultaneous or consecutive interpretation services. 


Staying connected

Certified interpreters

Cost effective


HIPPA compliant

Quality assurance

No specialized equipment required

On-demand & scheduled

1,000+ brands  have switched to inWhatLanguage

Are you ready translate with a company that cares abour your Language Management Experience?

Translations are more than just words – with our team and tools, you get a robust system for success


Compliance awareness

We work with native speakers and industry experts to produce accurate, high-quality language solutions that are compliant with latest federal regulations for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Affordable Care Act (ACA) Section 508, ACA Section 1557, PCI, PHI, and HIPAA.

Onsite interpretation

inWhatLanguage offers qualified and certified on-site or in-person interpreters for your events. Make sure everyone is included at your conferences, meetings, parties or other large events. We have the equipment and people to unite diverse groups. 

Above and beyond

& inclusive

Sign language interpretation

Certified Sign Language Interpreters are available on both a scheduled and unscheduled basis, including on-call arrangements for after-hours emergencies if required.

Mobile interpretation

Our proprietary mobile and web app make it easy to access interpretation services through phone, video or in-person scheduling with the click of a button. 

Professional interpreters

inWhatLanguage only works with qualified and certified interpreters. We’re ready to meet your interpretation needs at a moment’s notice, anywhere in the world.