When it comes to translating videos, audio captioning, and voice dubbing work, you might think you’ll be waiting ages for it all to be finished as you wait for every frame or second of dialogue to be translated by one person, then checked by another, then uploaded into the right file format, and then finally sent to you.

We work in a global business market where projects are expected to be completed quickly, and media translation projects are no exception. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to work on multimedia translation that could reduce your turnaround times by 70 percent.

Why is UNIFY the Right Choice for Fast Media Translation?

UNIFY is a translation management system built by inWhatLanguage to streamline and simplify the translation process. UNIFY is one of the most advanced translation management systems in the world and its capabilities go far beyond text documents. It supports more than 50 different file types, which means that you’ll never have to worry about how your translator will open your video or voice recording. It’s also integrated with multiple devices, making it easy to keep track of projects on the go.

UNIFY uses Cloud technology to help project managers and translators work together in real time across a variety of different projects. You can save documents and files in one place and see progress updates, as well as provide feedback straight away. Instead of having to use six or seven different applications and countless file transfers, as well as hiring specialists who can manage the various tools you use, UNIFY cuts it all down and puts it into one amazing platform that’s easy to use.

Media Translation

For multimedia recordings, such as audio files or voice-over dubbing work, there’s a special tool in UNIFY’s arsenal that makes turnaround times even faster. It’s called Media Workbench, and it is transforming the translation process.

How Does Media Workbench Make the Multimedia Translation Process Faster?

UNIFY Media Workbench has been specifically designed to make a translation of different media formats as easy as possible – all without sacrificing quality. It uses innovative technology from IBM to create a translation automation process. Media Workbench makes automated media translation possible for quick global media.

Traditional translation management systems have far more steps involved when video and audio content are involved. This is not so with Media Workbench – it seamlessly blends automation, editing, and finalizing into one unique package. Here’s how it works:

Content Automation: The system translates your content, and after this is finished, it is immediately assigned to a linguist who is fluent in your target language and who has a deep understanding of your field and the work that needs to be done.

Translation Review: The translator checks the automated translation against the source text, looking for any inaccuracies and making sure that the content fits your requirements (such as localization in the target language). This further reduces the amount of time spent on what is usually the longest stage of the project.

Content Finalization: Instead of immediately saving your files in a hard SRT/VTT format, which would remove the important tracking details, the translator keeps the content in its source format. This step ensures that the content keeps a more native structure, and removes the need to re-translate content once it’s handed over to the client. The SRT/VTT stamps are added right before the project is finalized. This creates a natural-sounding multimedia localization that gets your message across perfectly.

Media Translation

You can get translation automation for your project in these languages:

US and UK English



Castilian, North American, and Latin American Spanish



Brazilian Portuguese

You can also get media content translated in any other language offered by inWhatLanguage’s interpreters, that being over 200. One of the biggest advantages of the system is that your translator can record directly into the system, which means that they don’t have to arrange for expensive and time-consuming recording studios. They can simply record and review their content after uploading it into the Media Workbench. It’s quick and easy, and the quality is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

inWhatLanguage – The Translation Experts You Can Trust

Fast, simple, and high-quality media translation is within your grasp when you choose to work with inWhatLanguage. The ability to translate documents and multimedia content into over 100 languages, combined with the power of UNIFY and the Media Workbench, means that you can skip the time-consuming processes that the translation industry typically faces.

You’ve got other things to worry about when it comes to your business goals. Don’t let your multimedia translation project get tied up in timescales, spreadsheets, and budgets- work with inWhatLanguage and their powerful translation tools to get the results that you want.

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