It is tough being young in the middle of a global economic crisis.  Not only it is hard to find a job – it is even tougher to find a job with decent conditions, where you are treated like a human being instead of a machine, and where you don’t have to beg to be accepted among hordes of other people that, due to extensive periods of unemployment, have had the time to actually finished a second university degree and countless post-graduate studies.
Boy, is it tough.
That is why a year ago, when I received my first job offer from inwhatlanguage, I said yes without thinking too much about the salary, deadlines or conditions. It was something that I could do – something that not a lot of people could do. It involved languages and sound editing. My niche.
Turns out that not only did that start a regular flow of similar jobs – it broadened to include translation, voice over and transcription. All things that I consider myself good at. The salary increased, and so did the responsibilities. And I found some good friends along the way. Friends that have always trusted my judgment, my capacity to take decisions and my talent, and that have never doubted my word when I said that something was simply impossible to accomplish, or that I was capable to undertake tasks that I had never tried before. Like now.
I am proud to be part of inwhatlanguage, and not only as a translator/voiceover artist/sound editor/etcetera, but also as a Marketing Manager. Another job that I am taking with the utmost excitement and gratitude, and with which I hope I can reach lots of people. Because inwhatlanguage deserves to be recognized, and people deserve to know about it.
And because our circle of friends is always open to more recruits!
I hope to see you all on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to share your stories with us, your questions, general wondering, anecdotes: we want to get to know you, and we want you to get to know us. And if you feel as crazy about languages as we do, you will definitely feel at home in our communities!


Let us demonstrate to you that translation is not only about proficiency in a language and being buried in vocabulary and grammar dictionaries: it’s also about fun. So let’s have fun together!